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Race Weekend Preview...
Veidec Festival
The Swedish FIA & UEM European Drag Racing Championship round, the VEIDEC Festival, is hosted by Mantorp Park from July 29th-August 1st. The venue is located approximately 2.5 hours south of Stockholm close to the city of Linköping. The track has a racing history going back 40 years and besides drag racing it also hosts the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) and many other motorsport related events.

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Direct race reports...
Eurodragster is the source of direct information on site from the races. Round to round comments and timing results, completed with pit notes and photo galleries at the end of the day.
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Talking with the organizer...
Mantorp Park
Project leader Emelie Carlswärd finds herself right in the thick of things just now. Her work with the VEIDEC Festival began at the start of the year and continued alongside her studies until May. Since then the event has received her full attention. 2010 is the second year in which Emelie has co-ordinated all the arrangements, large and small, connected to both the FIA/UEM Drag Racing Championship for the Pro Classes and the Nordic Drag Racing Series for Sportsman classes.

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Home Town Racer...
Micke Kågered
An interview with Micke Kågered who's racing on his home track this coming weekend. We know that the distractions and extra pressure added on an event like this can affect your driving performance. We asked Micke Kågered who got lots of experience of being in that position, how he copes with the situation.

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Talking with Racers...
Ulf Ögge
Reigning Pro Stock Bike champion Ulf Ögge, arrives at the Mantorp Park scene with three (!) consecutive wins in the luggage. Three out of three says something. Ögge and crew are confident and skilled. The atmosphere in the team is calm, but warm with a lot of laughing and joking (and a lot of good food as Ögge himself is an excellent chef as well).

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Jöran Persåker
Jöran Persåker is stressed to say the least. Not the least of his challenges is making sure that his business, the Persåker Speedshop, is run successfully. The business is working flat out at the moment. He says; "Everybody, including myself, are working very hard to get parts here from the US in a rush.

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Per Bengtsson
Super Twin bike rider Per Bengtsson starts by explaining that he feels somewhat ashamed of the performance levels achieved at Mantorp Park by the class, himself included. In 2009 his quickest run at Mantorp was set during the press day at 4.36sec over the 1000-foot track distance. He never came close to repeating it during competition.

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Jimmy Ålund
Turning up as a late entry and with a borrowed car for the recent Alastaro race, Jimmy "Jimma" Ålund had hoped to remain in competition beyond the qualifying rounds. He says that, since he did not qualify while racing in the USA, he made few runs there. So he had looked forward to making some competitive runs in Finland and felt that the combination he was using might actually have worked well enough to win a round or two.

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Contingency Sponsors...
You may have seen it or used it already – for racers, many of the safety products on offer are also mandatory. We are talking about Simpson Safety´s Track Side Service provided at selected European Championship events, as well as at national events throughout Scandinavia.

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Speedgroup Club Europe...
Be a member
Join the action and become member of Speedgroup Club Europe. As a fan of the fastest motor sport on earth you can be part of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship and UEM European Drag Bike Championship. Speedgroup Club Europe members will enjoy exclusive members-only benefits like the Speedgroup Club Europe newsletter... For only € 35,00 a year you can be a member of the Speedgroup Club Europe. Join now!

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Technical Stuff...
Timing System
During the spring of 2010 the Swedish championship race organizers at Mantorp Park decided to invest in a new time keeping system. The intention was to make a change ready for this years' race and for the future. The resulting change will be as noticeable to the teams as it is for the spectators and the fans watching on the internet when the first cars and bikes head down the Mantorp Park drag strip on 29th July at the VEIDEC Festival.

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Team in the Spotlight...
Team Veidec
It started with a request for product support for the team he wanted to start with his son. Under the banner of Veidec Racing it's now a professional three-bike Pro Stock outfit. "To do it within six months was a big operation but we want to do everything 100%. Every father dreams about doing something with his kids. This gives you so much energy," says Roger Lyrén who, together with his 22-year old son, Kalle, owns Lyrén Motorsport, the driving force behind Veidec Racing.

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