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Europe´s prime Drag Racing News site
Eurodragster reports and covers all  aspects of European Drag Racing via close to daily updates on an all year round basis. During Race season Eurodragster reports live from most championship events and in addition to providing results also give the readers exckusive behind the scenes features including the illustrated pit notes and extensive photo galleries.
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Talking with the organizer...
Santa Pod Raceway
We asked Caroline Day, Marketing Manager at Santa Pod Raceway and David Lloyd-Jones, General Manager to share their thoughts on the upcoming Main Event and tell us how the preparations for the event are going at the moment, a week before the first day of qualifying start - they also share a few fresh photos from the venue with us - Check it out! 

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Class previews - FIA cars...
Top Fuel
Last year Urs Erbacher had the kind of comeback he could only dream about. Back from racing in the States, the popular Swiss entered the FIA European Championship with only one goal, to get his Top Fuel crown back and be the King of Nitro again. After an action-packed and thrilling season-long battle, Erbacher accomplished his mission in the last race. This season the competition is even harder with at least seven or eight drivers taking up the challenge to beat Erbacher and win the European title.

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Pro Modified
Twenty-five of Europe’s fastest full-bodied cars take to the track at Santa Pod Raceway’s Main Event over Britain’s Spring Bank Holiday weekend when Round 1 of the FIA European Pro Modified Championship combines with Round 2 of the MSA British Drag Racing Championship– unruly, wild-eyed machines hitting 240mph over the standing-start quarter-mile.

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Pro Stock
Nine drivers from three nations on the entry list to compete for the 8 spots on the ladder
Sweden and Finland are strong Pro Stock nations and so also at the Main Event. The 2010 champion Michael Malmgren is of course on site as is the champion before him, Jimmy Ålund. Ålund along with a few of hos pro stock collegues was on track at Tierp Arena to test, which resulted in a new personal speed record of 334.37 km/h (207.81 mph)

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Top Methanol Funny Car
The entry list show a full 8 car field in methanol funny car. They come from 7 nations (!) and only consist of experienced drivers. So let the battle for the 2011 Top Methanol Champions title begin!

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Top Methanol Dragster
The methanol dragster entry list is among the most interesting of all classes. 10 teams for 8 spots in the ladder mean two will be out already before the eliminations. Two teams from Malta join the class this season and the class consist of both nitro injected and supercharged cars - which type will be most successful this season?

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Class previews - UEM bikes...
Pro Stock Bike
16 competitors from 7 countries are entered for the Main Event in Pro Stock Bike. At Santa Pod, the Pro Stock Bike class is run a 16 bike elimination ladder, leaving no team out by the looks of the entry list

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Super Twin
With 15 entered teams from 8 nations at the Main Event the Super Twin class is the most international and competitive UEM drag bike class at the moment. They compete for a place in an 8 bike ladder, meaning almost half the field will be left out from monday´s eliminations.

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Top Fuel Bike
The UEM European Drag Bike Championship has already had its first round at Kunmadaras, Hungary in april and the situation entering round #2 at Santa Pod is a points lead for UK:s Ian King

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Pro Mod Challenge...
Challenge Countdown
Exhaust Coating manager Marco Maurischat states "The decision to sit out in 2010 was made marketingwise for some other directions we had to follow last year. Last season many racers came by and asked about the challenge so we decided to do it again in 2011. With all the great media work Speedgroup is doing, it´s better than ever to run the Challenge again and with this also promote our Ceramic Coating business.

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Class in the spotlight...
Pro Stock Bike
Pro Stock Bike is the most standardized class of the three UEM Drag Bike classes and where the tightest racing can be seen and expected.
With a fresh European record set already in april by Dave Beck from the UK and with Danish rider Jesper Thiel very close to reapeating it just a week later in Hungary, it looks like the Pro Stock Bike class is going to be extremely competitive this season!

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Technical stuff...
With the variety of data loggers available from Racepak, we are often asked the question, “Which data logger do I need, for my drag race vehicle”?

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Best dressed award...
There will be a new contest at each of the 5 Championship events where any team participating in the event can be awarded with $250 worth of custom crew apparel from Vicci.

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