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Europe´s prime Drag Racing News site
Eurodragster reports and covers all  aspects of European Drag Racing via close to daily updates on an all year round basis. During Race season Eurodragster reports live from most championship events and in addition to providing results also give the readers exckusive behind the scenes features including the illustrated pit notes and extensive photo galleries.
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Team on display...
Larsson exhibits close to the ice
On March 18th Top Methanol Funny Car team Micke Larsson Racing contributed to making dragracing visble in connection with the indoor ice racing event at the Göransson Arena in Sandviken Sweden (a few hours north of Stockholm). The ice racing world elite was present and the event attracted around 2000 visitors.

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Speedgroup News...
SPEEDGROUP into Sportsman racing
After two years as administrator of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship, Speedgroup has extended its operations to encompass Sportsman racing. Speedgroup has taken over responsibility for Europe’s biggest Sportsman programme, the NDRS Drag Racing Series. The Swedish series, SDL (Swedish Dragracing League), which is partly integrated with NDRS, will also fall under Speedgroup’s control.

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Class in the spotlight...
Super Twin
In the forthcoming editions of the Speedgroup Club Europe Newsletters we  introduce the car and bike classes that form the FIA & UEM European Dragracing championship. First out is the UEM Drag Bike class Super Twin Top Fuel or "Super Twins" as they are more often called.

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SFI Tour stop Sweden
For two days the SFI tour were on site at Persåkers Speedshop in Åkers Styckebruk Sweden to inspect and recertify clutches, bell housings, wheels and more. The European tour concept started already in the mid 90´s. With hardly no manufacturers based in Europe, before that parts that needed to be recertified had to be sent to the US.

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Europeans go Full Throttle
The NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series kicked off with the Winternationals at Pomona, followed two weeks later by the Gatornationals at Gainesville. It’s not unusual any more to see a European racer start his season in the U.S., but this time no fewer than four tried to qualify for the Gators.

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In the spotlight...
Tierp Arena
The Tierp Arena management group have so far been extremely succesful in their  task to achieve what many others  before them have tried and failed. The mission being to construct and establish a multisport arena from zero. And having roots in dragracing, founders Leif Andréasson and Lars-Erik Lindberg´s idea was naturally to start by constructing a state-of-the-art dragracing venue built after NHRA and FIA standards.

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Contingency sponsor...
John Noonan of NRE, Noonan Race Engineering, is happy to announce the official appointment of Pro Mod team Lindberg Bros. as their first European distributors for the NRE X1-Cylinder heads. In addition Karling Racing Engines will be NRE´s first appointed service and repair shop for European customers, saving them sending their heads to Australia or the USA. 

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Technical stuff...
Racepak with Tim Anderson 
Often times, we at Racepak are asked by existing customers or customers considering the purchase of a Racepak data system, “exactly how can I use a data system to improve my performance?” As we often advise, a large book could be written on the information obtained and subsequent analysis of that data.

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Safety Corner...
New generation Head and Neck Devices
Many drag racing classes have now stepped up and made the use of a Head and Neck Device mandatory. What people don’t know is that there are major differences between the old “style” devices and the new generation devices.

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Meet the editor - Part 1...
Robin Jackson
In the forthcoming editions of the Speedgroup Club Europe Newsletters we will introduce the editors and photographers that contributes with material, knowledge and skills to make the the online newsletters to what they are.

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