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FIA Points Standings 2013


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Eurodragster Editor´s Diary
Eurodragster.com editor Andy "Tog" Rogers have provided a diary, which provide an insight to the Eurodragster.com staffs work and reflections behind the scene.

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On the agenda
Co-ordinator Åsa Kinnemar provide an update about some of what is ongoing and scheduled for the forthcoming months

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General Preview
Scandinavian Internats
We take the opportunity to provide a general preview for the upcoming Scandinavian Internationals at Sweden´s Tierp Arena August 22-25th which is round #5 of the FIA Championship, included in the EDRS and Swedish Drag Racing Championship.

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In the spotlight...
Michael Gullqvist
With one win out of three finals, leading the championship with a margin of 114 points and two races to go, the Swede is on his way to another FIA European title. "There are no secrets in why he can run a five at all tracks. “Experience is very important and of course I know every inch of the car."
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Magnus Petersson
Magnus Petersson from Nässjö Sweden is a rookie this year. It´s their first season in the Pro Stock but so far Magnus and team is doing very well. He says " We went to the master in the Pro Stock class, Jimmy Ålund, to buy some slick, but ended up with a whole Pro Stock car instead."
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Danny Bellio
Top Methanol Funny Car  driver Danny Bellio, his wife, two sons and daughters in law, the whole life of this Belgian family is dedicated to drag racing. “Why spend money for a new kitchen as you can buy a new V8 for that?” 
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FIA Class reviews NitrOlympX
Top Fuel Dragster
The NitrOlympX is called after the nitro burning Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. And still, in the 28th edition of this great German event, the 8,000bhp Top Fuelers are the stars and crowd favourites with their storming side by side runs.

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Top Methanol Funny Car
In the FIA European Drag Racing Championship´s Top Methanol Funny Car class it was Adam Flamholc and Johan Lindberg, both from Sweden who made it all the way to the final..

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Pro Modified
In the Pro Modified class reigning champion Michael Gullqvist, Sweden was not surprisingly number one qualifier with the first 5 sec run at Hockenheim. But this is Pro Mod racing and the win is not secured until the first car crossed the finish line in the final. And that should prove to be another driver..

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Pro Stock
The eight Pro Stock teams on site All contestants entered are from Sweden. The battle between the two gigants Ålund and Lindström continued also at the NitrOlympX, but there were also a few of the other drivers that showed their true talent and potential..

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Marketing & customer loyalty reward program 
Speedgroup´s Contingency Program 2013
We are happy to announce a new revised contingency program for 2013. In this article we describe the concept and how this combined marketing platform and loyalty reward program is operated. teams in the FIA and FIM Europe championships as well as EDRS European Drag Racing Series can be part and all current or potential busniess partner who wish to connect with the European drag racing teams!

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