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Europe´s prime Drag Racing News site
Eurodragster reports and covers all  aspects of European Drag Racing via close to daily updates on an all year round basis. During Race season Eurodragster reports live from most championship events and in addition to providing results also give the readers exckusive behind the scenes features including the illustrated pit notes and extensive photo galleries.
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Race Previews...
Gardermoen Sunoco Drag Challenge
The event is included in the UEM European Drag Racing Championship. It is round #5 of 7 for the UEM Drag Bike class teams..

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Nationals II
The action is on at the Tierp Arena on july 29-30th. The NDRS Nationals II is a Swedish championship round for the classes FIA BILSPORT Pro Modified, Comp eliminator, Stock Superstock and Junior Dragster. The event is also an NDRS and SDL Sportsman Series Event.

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Web TV-shows FHRA Nitro Nationals...
2 x 52 minutes Check it out! 
The the two tv-shows from the last cahmpionship event at Alastaro Finland are online for you to enjoy! 2 x 52 minutes of exciting championship drag racing and as a special feature we have included them in this edition!

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UEM Rider In the Spotlight..
Nate Gagnon
Canadian rider Nate Gagnon made an appearance at the UEM Drag Bike championship round #1 in Hungary. At the beginning of august he will return for the race at Gardermoen in Norway and after that the NitrOlympx in Hockenheim Germany..     
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Sportsman class in the Spotlight..
Junior Dragster
The step in class in drag racing is junior dragster and more than a few prominent senior drivers active in the championship have started their career in the class. The Junior Dragsters attract interest from the public whereever they are on display..
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