Preview NDRG Sunoco Drag Challenge Gardermoen Raceway August 5-7th

The event is included in the UEM European Drag Bike Championship. It is round #5 for the UEM Drag Bike teams. 

Gardermoen Raceway is located in the same area as the major airport Gardermoen, which is servicing the capital Oslo.

Online report from the event is planned for by Speedgroup in co-operation  with the organizer NDRG and

The results are published at  with some delay.

In addition Speedgroup publish a race report summary in a newsletter proceeding the race. 

The organizer NDRG plan for live web TV-coverage. Check the NDRG or Speedgroup websites closer to the event dates for information.

The event will be filmed by same Belgian TV-production company as films the combined championship events. It will result in one 26 min show which will be distributed to the assigned TV-channels as well as published online at the Speedgroup website as a web-TV show after editing

Speedgroup representatives on site include coordinator Åsa Kinnemar and contingency program assistant Aila Striem.
We can be found at race control or at the provisional base located with Pro Stock Bike team Ögge in the pit area.

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- Results Reporting in co-operation with and via
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- Support to teams and the organizers in misc. event- and championship related matters  

FACTS ABOUT THE ORGANIZER Norsk Dragracing Gardermeon can be found at

Coordinator Lin Granlund can be contacted at

UEM Championship Classes briefing:

Fredrik Fredlund, the European speed record holder, won Pro Stock Bike at Gardermoen 2010

Pro Stock Bike:
9 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder

Notes: Last years winner in Pro Stock Bike was Fredrik Fredlund who won the final over Ulf Ögge. Jesper Thiel was low qualifier with 7.18 sec which was also the low ET of the event in Pro Stock Bike. 

Two of the teams on the entry list have been running in the 7.0´second range this season; championship leader Jesper Thiel and Fredrik Fredlund.

Thiel is also in a stable lead in the championship points standings before the event at Gardermoen (322 points) before Kalle Lyrén (209) and Fredrik Fredlund (200).

Our guess is that the performance level and low ET will be quicker than 2010 and that beside the already mentioned riders,  consistent perfoming riders like Kalle Lyrén, Rasmus Olesen and why not Karl Heinz Weikum standing good chances to last all through the event for a place in the final.  Last years champions team Ögge from Sweden have been struggling with new parts so far. But Ulf Ögge still has the chance to prove himself and why not at Gardermoen?  

Peter Svensson - Top Fuel Bike 

UEM Championship Classes briefing:

Top Fuel Bike:
6 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder

2010 champion Petri Paljakka also is on the entry list for testing & tuning at Tierp Arena, Sweden the weekend before the Gardermoen event. Paljakka is 2nd in the championship.

Sverre Dahl, Norway runs at his home track Gardermoen. Dahl was no 1 qualifier at the last race in Finland with 6.57 sec. before a broken cam shaft drive put an end to his competition. Dahl is always a rider to watch out for! 

A rider with a very long distance to travel to Gardermoen is Nate Gagnon from Canada, who joins the class for two events and will have base with good friend Samu Kemppainen (Super Twin). Gagnon belong in the top of the Canadian drag bike series and is assisted by well reputed tuner Ron Houniet. Highly interesting entry to watch aout for! Don´t miss to read the separate article about Nate Gagnon in this edition. 

Finnish rider Jaska Salakari doubles in Top Fuel Bike and Super Twin. When Salakari hits if off he is quick, consistency have been an issue so far this season, but Jaska showed good potential at the last event in Finland. A candidate for a place in the winner circle at Gardermoen no doubt.

Last years winner of the Sunoco Drag Challenge was Peter Svensson Team Kendall Racing from Sweden, who also has the track record in Top Fuel Bike with 5.93 sec from 2009. Svensson missed out the last event in Finland and is 3rd in the championship. Running fast is team Svensson´s highest priority even before winning the championship. They still have a small but still theoretical chance to do both! 

In the lead of the championsip and continuing to explore the potential of his new Gulf Oil and Puma Engineering bike is Ian King, Great Britain.

Low ET of the event 2010 was set by Peter Svensson with 6.103 sec.

Also read championship leader Ian King´s latest newsletter by following this link!
Gulf Oil Drag Racing Press Release

Super Twin rider Jan Sturla Hegré in a characteristic pose focusing before a run

Super Twin Bike:
19 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder

Notes: Winner 2010 was Roel Koedam while low ET of the event was set by Per Bengtsson with 6.47 sec.

The championship events this season have so far had different winners; Jan Sturla Hegré, Per Bengtsson and Roel Koedam. It tells something about the competitiveness of the Super Twin class. Most often there are more than two times the number of teams on the entry list than can fit into the 8 bike elimination ladder.

The non-european rider in the class, Australian rider Mark Ashelford has adapted incredibly well and is s strong contender. Jaska Salakari continues to double in Super Twin and Top Fuel Bike. And at the last race in Alastaro, he ran one 6.39 sec run which was not backed up to be a new European record. If he was on to something in Finland, can he repeat it in Norway?

In lead of the championship is Per Bengtsson, with Jan Sturla Hegré and Roel Koedam following close behind - check the points table for the full standings!

We don´t dare guessing the identity of the winner, but it would of course please the crowd if one of the Norwegian riders Ravnsborg, Höiberget, Olstad, Rolfstad or Hegré could enjoy a hassle free, consistent and high performance level that would take them all the way to the final.

Tight and competitive performance is to be expected at Gardermoen!


Two FIA Car teams are scheduled to be on site to show run - in Methanol Funny Car Arvid Grödem from Norway who is currently in a shared championship lead with Ulf Leanders. On the entry list also one Top Fuel Dragster with Patrik Pers from Sweden  behind the wheel. 


Text: Åsa Kinnemar for Speedgroup
Photos by Remco Scheelings, Patrik Jacobsson and Speedgroup.
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