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Europe´s prime Drag Racing News site
Eurodragster reports and covers all  aspects of European Drag Racing via close to daily updates on an all year round basis. During Race season Eurodragster reports live from most championship events and in addition to providing results also provide behind the scenes features including much appreciated illustrated pit notes.
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On the agenda
Although the championship and sportsman series season 2011 came to an end in september, now soon entering november and Speedgroups agenda is busier than ever.. We share some about the exciting projects that are on the agenda for the forthcoming months!  

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Talking with the champions...
FIA Champions 
Drivers Fred Hanssen, Urs Erbacher, Jimmy Ålund, Michael Gullqvist and Ulf Leanders have in common they are all FIA champions 2011 in their class respectively. We let them share some thoughts with the readers in this edition - check it out!
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UEM Champions
Super Twin, Top Fuel Bike, Pro Stock Bike.. Read what the three new UEM drag bike champions Per Bengtsson, Peter Svensson and Jesper Thiel has to share. About the season that passed and looking ahead.. 

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Talking with racers...
Danny Bellio
Top Methanol Funny Car
For the third consecutive year, Danny Bellio has finished fourth in the FIA championship. Although the team is one of the more recent to enter the class and runs its car on a limited budget, the family-run operation is a force to be reckoned with and a benchmark for others..

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Marc Meihuizen Pro Modified
After two difficult seasons, Marc Meihuizen was back on top form in 2011. The year brought a 6.05 sec. personal best, three semi-final finishes in the last three races and a fourth place in the FIA championship, his best ever finish..

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Simon Gustafsson NDRS
Super Street

Winner of the NDRS and SDL sportsman Series administered by Speedgroup, Simon Gustafsson has had a successful season in his moderna and great looking Super Street car..

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Profile in the Spotlight...
Anette Heleander - Starter
She is the last outpost in charge of the sportsman and championship drivers and riders before they leave the start line. Meet Anette Heleander, chief starter at Tierp Arena, Sweden´s new state of the art drag racing venue..

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Marketing Corner...
The art of working with Sponsorship
Four times European Top Fuel champion Andy Carter has spent countless hours meeting corporate executives and working with sponsors throughout his career. Don´t miss this opportunity to learn from a true professional! Read what Carter has to share on the topic of working with sponsorship!
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Make the
crew wear
work for You 
Allan Hermansen, President of Speedgroups corporate partner Vicci share some advice on the topic of sponsorship and using your crew wear to make an excellent display for sponsors..  

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Forthcoming Exhibition...
PRI Show
The World´s largest Racing Trade Show will attract Racing Business People from 67 Countries in December. Speedgroup as well as the Swedish Championship venue of Tierp Arena are among the exhibitors, find out more what the PRI is all about.. 
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