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Co-ordinator Åsa Kinnemar provide an update about some of the interesting projects that is ongoing and scheduled for the forthcoming months  ..     

Kjell Pettersson of Svensk Dragracing handed over the NDRS sportsman series to Michael Gullqvist, CEO Speedgroup in march 2011

Championship and NDRS Sportsman Series development

We are in the process of developing the NDRS Sportsman Series, which Speedgroup acquired in march from the Svensk Dragracing Association. Our NDRS work group of 8 persons (all with expertise in different fields) hold weekly meetings to make this happen. A divisional thinking is planned to be implemented and work alongside the more international aspect of the series. And we are looking over the selection of classes to be included in the series to offer strong and competitive classes to as well competitors, organizers and spectators. We are happy to find the interest from organizers in Europe is very positive as most find it attractive to be part of what will be Europe´s biggest sportsman programme 2012. Some new organizers for the NDRS will be introduced alongside since long well functioning NDRS tracks. We aim to present a preliminary race schedule by the end of November.   


A major development of the European championship racing is that Sweden´s state of the art venue Tierp Arena is scheduled to host two FIA and UEM championship events in 2012 (also to include sportsman racing). The FIA and UEM championship race calendars are included under separate headlines in this newsletter. An up to date race calendar can be always be found at

NDRS and SDL Banquet
On November 26th Speedgroup celebrate sportsman racing and the successful series winners at the NDRS and SDL banquet we organize. A prize giving ceremony and dinner in the evening is combined with team class meetings and organizers meetings during the day. We feel that the interest and passion for sportsman racing is massive and that we are just in the beginning of developing a great sportsman series with national and international presence – all in co-operation with the parties involved; the organizers, federations, teams, officials, media and corporate partners.

About SPEEDGROUP:  Speedgroup is the official FIA European Drag Racing Championship administrator. Since 2010 also assist in UEM Drag Bike European Championship administration. Speedgroup interact with teams, track operators and event organizers, sanctioning bodies, media, corporate partners and fans. In March 2011 Speedgroup acquired the NDRS Dragracing Series – Europe´s biggest sportsman programme and the Swedish Dragracing League SDL. www.speedgroup.eu  

2011 FIA/UEM Championship Season Review DVD:s

We will soon have the FIA/UEM  championship season review DVD:s ready for order. Over 9 hours divided on 5 discs from all FIA and UEM events the race season 2011. DVD sets are available for mail order via  Speedgroup and our associated  partners for instance Santa Pod Raceway in the UK and Indeed Media in Sweden. We can to ship to any country, just contact me if interested and I will be happy to assist- preorders can be taken (and directed to our partners if applicable) . We have also have a limited number of DVD:s sets in stock, 4 hours of filming from the NDRS Nationals II at Tierp Arena - sportsman racing at its best! Please, contact me if interested to learn more.    

PRI 2010 - Roger Lyrén (left) and Michael Gullqvist Speedgroup met with Bill O´Roake from Mickey Thompson Tires (center).

PRI Trade Show December 1-3rd Orlando Florida
Speedgroup´s assigned staff travelling to the PRI show in Orlando at the end of November consist of Roger Lyrén ( who is experienced on the UEM bike classes and suppliers focusing on bikes) Michael Gullqvist, Speedgroups CEO is the expert in questions regarding the suppliers servicing the FIA car classes. I will represent Speedgroup at the PRI to staff our booth and connect with the US based corporate partners that have chosen to connect with the European championship teams via Speedgroup´s contingency sponsorship program. I will also meet with some US based media partners. At the PRI we will also be looking to introduce our sportsman series program to US suppliers. Don´t miss to read about the PRI show in a separate article in this newsletter!

Track Side Service Trailer
In co-operation with ME Racing Services the project of completing Speedgroup´s track side service trailer starts shortly. It will provide a great opportunity for any current or new corporate partners who wish to display and offer products and services towards teams and spectators at the races. It will also be base for Speedgroups staff at the races and make it easy for the teams and spectators to turn to us in any question needed. We will soon be looking to take suppliers on board in this project and aim to involve ourself both with US and European based corporate partners. Please inquire if interested to learn more!

Marketing Programs
The development of attractive marketing packages is ongoing and include as well web advertising, TV-show and web-TV show advertising, class sponsorship, contingency program, on track presence at the races and much more. We will be happy to suggest a solution that fit any company budget and purpose. Our contact persons are also listed below.

Speedgroup, FIA organizers and FIA representatives met in Stockholm in september to discuss and plan for 2012

Meetings on the agenda
Over the winter period there are a few major “face to face meetings” scheduled. The next meeting where Speedgroup meet the organizers and UEM, FIA representatives for a conference is in January - a conference that will be hosted by the championship venue and organizer  HockenheimRing.

We also hold team information meetings in Stockholm, Sweden (preliminary planned for February 18th ) and the UK (no date set for this but, normally the meeting is held in connection with the SPRC prize giving banquet)

The communication is also (of course) ongoing on a more or less daily basis in all sorts of questions to keep up the standard and to move things forward!

The above are just some of the exciting projects Speedgroup is involved in

Your opinion counts!
If you as a fan, corporate partner, media rep, team member, official or just plain interested ever have suggestions to make, questions to ask or wish to connect with the European drag racing market through any of marketing programs we are happy to talk championship and sportsman drag racing!

Don´t hesitate to contact me or any of my collegues at any time - we are here to listen and assist in any way we can.

Thank You for taking time to read this, I wish you a continued prosperous autumn and look forward to keep reporting about Speedgroup´s ongoing activities once in a while over the winter period

Best Wishes,

Åsa Kinnemar
Sweden mobile tel +46- (0)705 31 53 32

Speedgroup contact persons:

Advertising & Class sponsorship – Sara Lindskog sara.lindskog@speedgroup.eu
TV-production – Michael Gullqvist michael.gullqvist@speedgroup.eu
Contingency Sponsorship Program – Gittli Koller gittli.koller@speedgroup.eu
Track Side Service marketing opportunities – Åsa Kinnemar asa.kinnemar@speedgroup.eu
Merchandise – Lena Perés lena.peres@speedgroup.eu

Team contacts
Sportsman team contact person – Janne Sjöberg jan.sjoberg@speedgroup.eu
Championship team contact person – Åsa Kinnemar asa.kinnemar@speedgroup.eu

Organizers contacts
Within Sweden – Jonas Staflund jonas.staflund@speedgroup.eu
Carl Erik Kihlman carl-erik.kihlman@speedgroup.eu
International – Åsa Kinnemar asa.kinnemar@speedgroup.eu

Åsa Kinnemar
Lena Perés

General Corporate contacts 
Åsa Kinnemar co-ordinator 
Michael Gullqvist CEO michael.gullqvist@speedgroup.eu

A few of the Speedgroup staff ready to assist - Jan Sjöberg, Åsa Kinnemar and Carl Erik Kihlman

sportsman series administered by Speedgroup

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Photos by Speedgroup and Stefan Boman
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