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Contingency Sponsorship
Contingency.. what is it?
In short contingency means an eventuality.. a possibility. In a Contingency Program, suppliers reward teams that use their products when they are in the winner´s circle.

The idea is simple and brilliant. After all, what company would not want to
- Reward existing customers
- expose their brand names at a small cost
- Encourage potential customers to start using their products? Also read the separate article in this edition about the Speedgroup contingency program.

In this article we have let two experienced veterans, the 2010 Pro Stock Champion Michael Malmgren and 2009 Super Twin Champion Per Bengtsson, share some thoughts on the subject contingency sponsorship.

Michael Malmgren - Pro Stock

SG: Why in your opinion should a company choose to be part of the contingency sponsorship program?

MM: To gain exposure and to be involved with racers who use their products and that are looking for what's the best on the market. An example is Pac springs. They are closely involved and as a result they have the best experience of what works in a Pro stock engine. Pac then use the winning cars in their marketing program.

SG: How do you think a supplier should work with the program for it to be successful and give them good value for money - a sound return on their investment? Are there any ways they could use the program to try and expand their business in addition to supplying stickers and rewarding the winners and runners-up?

MM: If they believe there is a good market in Europe this is a good way to get their name and product well known to all racers, and to sell more product. It’s a fact that using products that winning teams use makes common sense for other racers - it helped them win and it can do the same for us. Also, the fact that this program costs the companies who take part in it very little money. They get a good return as the racers have to be using their products to qualify for the bonus program. The manufacturers sell more products and that is what it's all about.

SG: Does it influence your product selection if a supplier is involved in the contingency program when you decide where to buy parts?

MM: Of course, if I need new parts I always look first at who is supporting us racers with this program. As a racer you always want/need to use the best products possible, regardless of the is a contingency program. You simply must have the best parts to win, but if you look at the brands that have joined the FIA Contingency program they are all hand picked by Speedgroup in co-operation with the teams and they are the best in their class. No racer would hesitate to buy from a contingency sponsor.

Learn more by reading the MPM Oil article published within the contingency program concept

XRP, Manton Push Rods & Rocker Arms, PAC Racing Springs & Lenco - top of the line suppliers that have all have chosen to support their customers in Europe within the contingency program concept.

Per Bengtsson - Super Twin Bike.

Bengtsson also support the Super Twin class contingency program through his company Bentec.

SG: Why in your opinion should a company choose to be part of the contingency sponsorship program?

PB: Both to support existing customers and attract new ones.

SG: How do you think a supplier should work with the program for it to be successful and give the supplier good value for money and return on investment – for example, by using the program to expand business as well as supplying stickers and rewarding winners/runners-up?

PB: Since results are based on performance, it is important that the class is competitive and that the company uses the drivers/riders in the marketing of its products, i.e. connects the products to the success.

SG: Do you consider whether a supplier is involved in the contingency program when selecting where to buy parts?

PB: There are not that many sponsors yet in the Super Twin class but if, for instance, a tyre manufacturer were part of the program, I think some would choose that brand for the reason of a potential contingency bonus.

SG: As a team owner, what is important for you to think about in order to give the contingency sponsors good value for money?

PB: Of course to place the stickers on a good, visible spot.

Crew chief Jonnie Lindberg - his team with brother Johan behind the wheel are the European Pro Mod champions 2010. Contingency sponsor Rock Batteries play a part in their success story supplying reliable products. And in addition rewarding the team   when they are in the winner´s circle.

Crew apparel supplier Vicci and MPM Oil company have chosen to support all eight FIA car & UEM bike classes through the contingency program 2010.

Anders Magnusson & Ulf Rapp

Vicci is also the supplier and designer of the Speedgroup crew apparel

Per Bengtsson on track at Santa Pod, UK photo: Remco Scheelings

Michael Malmgren at Alastaro, Finland photo: Rose Hughes

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