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Eurodragster.com reports live from most European Championship races with detailed round-by-round real time coverage of qualifying and eliminations as well as timing data, illustrated pit notes and photo galleries.

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On the agenda
Co-ordinator ┼sa Kinnemar provide an update about some of what is ongoing and scheduled for the forthcoming months

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Review FIA Classes...
Top Fuel Dragster
The European Finals at Santa Pod was the end of a Top Fuel season in style. Another exciting race, again no rounds cancelled due to weather conditions, many spectators and a first time winner and first time champion. 

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Pro Stock
The European finals weekend at Santa Pod looked as though it may be the first weather affected race of the 2013 season.  However, as the weekend turned out, weather was not a problem and racing was unaffected.  Crowds were bigger than 2012 and the new trac

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Pro Modified
Arriving at Santa Pod it was Sweden┤s Michael Gullqvist who was in championship points lead very comfortably. So comfortably the only thing the team needed to do was to get the car cleared through tech inspection and make a qualification pass (where any ET would do). With that safe scenario on hand, Gullqvist decided to play a bit unsafe and test some new equipment.

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Top Methanol Funny Car
There were 7 cars competing in the final round of the 2013 FIA Top Methanol Funny Car championship at Santa Pod, Adam Flamholc having elected to go and contest pro Modified in the USA. Of these, 3 were vying for the championship title as the points chase was very close indeed.

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Top Methanol Dragster
The final round of the 2013 FIA European Drag Racing championships was held at at Santa Pod in England. The weather was kind to us, with only very minor delays for rain and the whole meeting was completed with all qualifying rounds run in full. Unfortunately, the TMD entry list consisted of only one car..

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Talking with the champions...
Top Fuel Dragster
Thomas Nataas
When Andersen Racing and Thomas Nataas confirmed their cooperation and announced they would do the full tour, the FIA European Top Fuel Championship 2013 had a new number one favourite. The six times championship winning team joining forces with one of the most experienced, consistent and respected nitro drivers would be the combination to beat.

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Pro Stock
Jimmy ┼lund
The trophy is back home again Jimmy ┼lund and his Pro Stock team are now again number one in Europe and for the eighth time. This of course was the goal for the season.

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Pro Modified
Michael Gullqvist
Michael Gullqvist in Pro Mod is a hard guy to beat, and now he has taken the European Champions title for the third year in a row and of a total of four, and taken the times down to US standards with his 5.80 second runs. Amazing! Tell us about the season and what┤s up until next season.

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Top Methanol Funny Car
Jonnie Lindberg
Jonnie Lindberg is the driver of one of the gorgeous Lindberg Bros Chevrolet Monte Carlo funny cars (where brother Johan drive the other car) and he is also the tuner of both cars.. and Jonnie hit grand slam this season by setting new European records in both ET (5.437 sec) and speed (268.86 mph).. AND he is the new 2013 European Champion in FIA Methanol Funny car!

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