Talking with the organizer - NitrolympX
Over 25 years ago a group of 5 Drag Race Pioneers (Rico Antes, Jerry Lackey, Matheis Seidler, Hans Kloss. Jürgen Richter) approached the management of the Hockenheim ring in the hopes of filling the open date after cancellation of the Formula 1 event at the ring in 1986. We meet with open ears and was offered the chance to do a test event on the Start and Finish area of the Hockenheim ring.

This test event was such a success that the Hockenheim ring management decided that Drag Racing had found a new home and thanks to the then and now General Business Manager "Mr. George Seiler", Drag Racing at the Ring has continued to draw record numbers of spectators "Yearly average over 45,000" and have continued to present the best of the best out of the European and US racers scene.

We are expecting over 300 participants for our 25th event and this is always a major task considering that the City of Hockenheim will only grant an approval for a three day event in place of the four day events elsewhere in Europe.

A list of the starters through 21 July can be found under "Racers Page" and the list will be updated soon.

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary and our Europe wide only "Night Show", Organizer Mrs Janet Linke assisted by Jerry Lackey has set up agreements with loads of surprise Drivers, Riders and Show Acts from all over Europe to provide our Spectators, drivers and families a once in a lifetime Super Night Show.

Timo Haberman recives his FIA trophy, flanked by Rico Antes and Jerry Lackey
Text: Jerry "BigDaddy" Lackey
Photo: Julian Hunt & Courtesey of NitrolympX

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