Sunoco Drag Challenge Winners

Pro Stock Bike:
Fredrik Fredlund

Winner Fredrik Fredlund tells they have had problems all season with the bike bogging and it happened again in the final, where the bike just died off the startline. Fredrik says they think it is connected to an electrical failure possibly a cable shaking loose.

He tells at first he went angry, but soon realised he had won the final anyhow as Ögge pulled a redlight and Fredrik started the timing system and left the startline by his own power. It was a very long time since Fredtiks last event win and he is very happy for this win. The team has worked very hard all weekend and a win to end it is just great!

Super Twin Bike:
Lorenz Stäuble

Winner Lorenz Stäuble is very happy and comments it was a difficult event for him, no easy win (he qualified #2 after Per Bengtsson) - Lorenz says he really needed the points and thinks he might be in the lead with a few points (which showed to be correct-2 points ahead of Heezean and 6 ahead of Olstad). He did no changes from the semi-final to the final (he ran 6.81 in the semi and 7.00 in the final).

Top Fuel Bike:
Peter Svensson

Peter Svensson was outstanding all weekend and although he never came close to repeating the European records from last year at Gardermoen, he ran a great deal faster than his opponents.

Peter says "I think we deserved the win" and also comments in the final he had some luck too. The bike smoked the tires at 80 meters he got on and off the throttle and managed it! Peter says "I found the exact balance with the throttle without overpowering for the last part of the track. It was also his fastest run so far at Gardermoen with 273 km.

The team had increased the power mid-track for the final and in the end with Peter´s stunning rider´s job they pulled it off!

Special achievement:


Rikard Gustafsson
ET: 6.662 sec.
Speed: 338.03 kph/210.08 mph
Well done!

Text: Åsa Kinnemar/Emelie Carlswärd
Photo: Åsa Kinnemar & Aila Striem

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