In the forthcoming Speedgroup Club Europe newsletter we will come back to the new 2010 champions by letting them share some of their  thoughts and plans. For now we send all champions our sincere congratulations!! Well done!

Also check the winners interviews articles for comments from champions Urs Erbacher, Ulf Ögge and Dan Larsen who also won the European Finals!

UEM Top Fuel Bike:

Petri Paljakka - Finland

UEM Super Twin Bike:

Lorenz Stäuble - Switzerland

UEM Pro Stock Bike:

Ulf Ögge - Sweden

For the final 2010 European championship ranking for all the FIA drivers and UEM riders please check the  points standings under separate headings in this newsletter.
FIA Top Fuel Dragster:

Urs Erbacher - Switzerland

FIA Top Methanol Dragster:

Timo Habermann Germany

FIA Top Methanol Funny Car:

Dan Larsen - Denmark

FIA BILSPORT Pro Modified:

Johan Lindberg - Sweden

FIA Pro Stock:

Michael Malmgren - Sweden

Pro Mod Champions 2010 - Rockstar team Lindberg  

text: Åsa Kinnemar
photos by Remco Scheelings and Lena Perés

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