Speedgroup travel west in december to be among the exhibitors at the 23rd PRI Show

With close to 40.000 trade visitors and 3.000 booths the halls are crowded for the PRI show

For the three days of December 9-11th, Orlando Florida is THE place on earth to be for anyone with an interest in the drag racing industry.

With 1000+ exhibiting companies the PRI Performance Racing Industry Trade Show is the the world’s largest racing trade show.

Speedgroup is among the exhibitors to promote the European Drag Racing Championship in general and to connect with suppliers to the championship teams in particular around an attractive contingency sponsorship program. At a low cost the program offers a high level of exposure and customized assistance with the goal to make it easier for US suppliers to connect with and encourage business with the European teams running in the championship. And as the program only reward existing customers, it is a true win-win situation for all parties involved.

Speedgroup´s stand is #1323 located next to NHRA and if you are on site we encourage you to stop by for a chat with our staff and to pick up some material. We will also walk the show to meet with new companies as well as present the 2010 contingency sponsors on site with some small tokens of our appreciation and talk about the forthcoming race season 2011. Through our active work on an all year round basis communication about the companies who signs up for the contingency program, will start already in the next edition of the Speedgroup Club Europe Newsletter late december. Make sure to join at the PRI  to kick start your participation!

On site to meet with existing and potential business partners are  Speedgroup CEO Michael Gullqvist, co-ordinator Åsa Kinnemar and sales & marketing expert Roger Lyrén.
Not on site, but highly involved and standing by in Europe is also contingency program administrator Gittli Koller.

Visit the PRI Tradeshow website!

PRI also publish a monthly magazine, the Performance Racing Industry Magazine.  Click above to browse the show issue online and below to read a copy of a recent interview with Speedgroup CEO Michael Gullqvist performed by Virginia de Moss for PRI Magazine.

PRI: How did your series fare in 2010 in terms of car counts and spectators?
SG: The number of teams increased for the 2010 season with ca 10%. We had around 150 teams from 14 nations competing in the 5 FIA Car & 3 UEM Bike European Drag Racing Championship classes

The NitrOlympx in Hockenheim Germany always attract big crowds of spectators

PRI: Did you implement any changes to the series in 2010 to increase participation, etc.? If so, how did they work out?
SG: We worked a lot to increase the support and information to the teams. Financially the major change was the start up of a contingency program for the European Drag Racing championship teams. Speedgroup had a booth at the PRI Show 2009 with the mission to encourage a number of well known US based suppliers to join the contingency sponsorship program. We started at zero and today the program has a value of just under $200.000, which we were pleased with as a starting point. We also implemented a concept with an online newsletter including behind-the-scenes articles from the championship, but also very important, articles where we offer to feature the contingency sponsor companies. It has attracted great interest and helped highlight what a fine marketing scene the European Drag Racing Championship is.
All the efforts made have worked well and formed a good base for our continued long term work to develop the business opportunities connected to the championship.
Speedgroup is back among the exhibitors at the PRI 2010 to once again meet and discuss with US based suppliers that have and interest to reach and improve exposure and sales towards the European drag racing market.

The Tierp Arena track in Sweden will be of world class

PRI: Will there be any changes to your 2011 season?

SG: The constructing of a new state-of-the-art drag racing venue, Tierp Motorpark, is in progress in Sweden. The drag racing track itself was already finished in november. There is a possibility that the new track will earn championship status already already in 2011. The status is currently pending (early dec 2010)

Michael Gullqvist team R2B2 ran Rock Batteries - the team support their suppliers and get rewarded when ending in the winners circle

PRI: Have you seen any trends in the drag racing market in terms of what racers are using, buying, etc.? Any other types of trends?
SG: A general trend among the European championship teams is that when there are similar products to choose from, they rend to support and work with suppliers that are active in the contingency program. And we encourage them to always look at our contingency partners products first. We also see a trend where technical support and first class service becomes increasingly important. An example of that is our contingency partner Racepak, who sends engineers to selected events in Europe. In Europe we don´t have a manufacturer´s midway at the races, but the US suppliers that realize the potential of the European Drag Racing market are starting to find ways to ensure selected stock of parts and technical support are available at the track also at the European championship events.

Speedgroup as a business developer of the European Drag Racing championship, see it as an important part of the further development to work with US based suppliers in these type of questions. It is a win-win situation for the teams and suppliers.

Some of the contingency sponsors which supported the program 2010

PRI: Any thoughts on the 2011 season ahead? What do you think we can expect?
SG: There is a steady growth in European Drag Racing and additional teams take the step into the championship every season. The established venues and championship events grant large crowds of spectators. In addition we will see development of new championship venues, like the Tierp Motorpark in Sweden.

There is an interest from the organizers to make the events available online on the Internet. We also had live web broadcast from one of the events. It was tried out at the Swedish championship event 2010 with great result. Visitors in Europe as well as the US followed the on-track action as it happened.

Our TV-shows from the championship are online within ten days after the events and broadcasted worldwide in addition. We will continue the work to ensure the championship is visible, the good of the sponsors and teams active in the championship and for the pleasure of drag racing fans worldwide.

Pro Mod drivers Gullqvist & Lindahl entering the track at a spectator packed Santa Pod Raceway

PRI: Any thoughts on how racing businesses can better cater to drag racers in this tough economy?
SG: To commit and show support for the teams through the contingency program is a good start. That will also generate money back for the suppliers. To work on the technical support and service level and connect with the teams closely to ensure the money the team invest is spent on reliable solutions that works for them will save money.

More sponsors that choose to bond with their customers and at the same time gain exposure in many different ways towards a worldwide audience

Drivers Leif Andréasson (methanol funny car) and Andy Carter (top fuel dragster) worked at the PRI show 2009 - also read about Leif in the article about Tierp Arena in this edition!

PRI 2009: Speedgroup co-ordinators Gittli (center) and Åsa with Pro Mod driver and chassis builder Andy Robinson (whose comapny also participate in the contingency program to reward customers)

On site in Orlando in 2009: Speedgroup co-ordinator Åsa Kinnemar,
CEO Michael Gullqvist and contingency co-ordinator Gittli Koller

Text: Speedgroup Åsa Kinnemar & Michael Gullqvist
Photos: Speedgroup/Stefan Boman/Tierp Arena/PRI
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