Pit Notes Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena
Thursday June 13th 2013

Pro Mod racer Marc Meihuizen is preparing to run at least as quick as he did at the Main Event, when a 5.9136/242.51mph made him no.1 qualifier. He said "We have a completely new engine set-up and it was only our third run, so we are very pleased at that performance. Sadly we had an oil leak in eliminations which was our own mistake. The 5.91 was not a perfect run and we believe it is possible to do better. But the information from that run will be useful here. The main change is that we switched to a new blower, a Kobelco Fowler F-11 Superman. We have also made some fuel changes. We only have one engine and some of the parts are old, such as the Alan Johnson heads which are six years old. It was easier to sell the blower (which went to a tractor puller) rather than refurbish it. The old car was capable of 6.0s but a lot has changed in blower technology in the last six years. David (Vegter) has exactly the same setup and he is on the same level performance wise as us but we are not sharing data, there are two separate teams and both are capable of winning.

Marc Meihuizen continued "We will try for low ET even in eliminations. I would prefer to run a 5.9 or 5.8 and lose rather than run consistent 6.2s and win a championship. My team are technical and get their fun from seeing how quick we can go. We are running all FIA races. We would run at Drachten but it is not an FIA track and organisers would like to run a lot more races there. Santa Pod have a great track team, Tierp is a great facility and Finland have great crowds for their location, but Hockenheim needs to be a good race this year to be in the best interests of the racers." Marc said his time is largely spent with his transport company, M Trex which he has run for 20 years. "We have twelve tractor units and fourteen trailers and operated across Europe from Netherlands through Germany and Switzerland to Italy. It is a seven day a week job. I work every day apart from race meetings. I am fortunate to have clients that sponsor my racing as well as my major sponsor MPM."

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Ulf Leanders was adjusting the pedals of daughter Erika's Junior Modified dragster. He said "Erika will be driving a Junior Modified for the first time this weekend, whereas my son Fredrick is still racing Junior Stock as he is ten years old. The clutch business is going well, with contacts in Florida and Mark Brew of Proforce Motorsports in Australia to help with sales, service and support to Top Doorslammer racers there. In the US a big part of the Pro Stock field are using our clutch. More Top Alcohol cars are also using our clutch." On the racing side, Ulf said "We want to run as much as possible. The only reason we did not attend The Main Event was we had ordered new blocks and the delivery was six weeks later than quoted. We have not yet fired the engines up with the new blocks."

Ulf Leanders continued "The problem about receiving blocks late is you can't have precise measurements for things like rods and pushrods if you don't have the block so you need them delivered early." Ulf's target is to run a 5.5. "We should have run that quick some time ago. Running quick will help sell our products." The team's various products and race updates are at

Pro Stock Bike racer and blogger Kalle Lyrén made a burnout and untimed test launch on his rebuilt bike, which has many new features and parts,for instance carbon fibre wheels and new front forks. Kalle said "I have been doing a lot of work on the bike and will be doing more of the tuning this year." With the competition stepping up as well, could this be the year for Europe's first PSB six?

Top Fuel racer Patrik Pers' team created a new paint scheme which looked great on display yesterday. Patrik said "The paint job took a lot of effort and late nights and we only finished it on Tuesday." The TV coverage on Sweden's TV4 channel of the Press Call is here.

The press room at Tierp Arena is now on the first floor with excellent views of the facility. A racing circuit is now in place using the return road and tarmac between the left side of the track and the grandstand, but not touching the drag strip surface.

Super Street racer Simon Gustavsson's Camaro waiting in the staging lanes under the tower. The car was built in 2008 by US doorslammer racer Rick Losee. The SBC engine has Dart block and Brodix heads.

Super Street racer Tomas Hägg was no.1 qualifier in the class after session one in his wheelstanding '69 Corvette. Tomas was EDRS Champion in 2012 and has run the car for several years having started racing in 1977.

Super Gas racer Jan Hallman from Borlänge runs this Volvo with a SBC engine of 383cu in with Holley carb, Patriot Performance heads, Mahle pistons, Eagle crank and a TH350 box. Jan is posting team updates from the track on

Super Street racer Garth Haworth has this beautiful Chevelle which runs with nitrous. Garth is from København in Denmark and was sixth after the first session with an 11.286 time.

Super Gas racer Angelica Larsson has graduated from Junior Dragster to this '62 Ford Fairlane with 427 cu in engine. Angelica's mother Annica also runs in the class. More details on the team including their 11 race 2013 schedule, are on

Super Gas racer Morten Tiainen is from Dal in Norway and has run this 1985 Firebird since 2000. The tube-chassised car has a 461 cu in BBC engine and Powerglide transmission. Details of Morten's racing history until 2006 are archived here.

Super Gas racer Fredrik Gravningen, who races as Team Tiger, has this Chevy pickup. Fredrik is eighteen and his parents and grandparents are also involved in the racing operation. Fredrik is from Skollenborg in Norway and his web site, on which the team is posting event updates, is

Super Comp racer Leif Andersson was runner up at the recent EDRS Nationals at Tierp and runs this slingshot dragster with a 572cu in BBC engine, Powerglide and new Hilborn injectors. Leif said "I used to have a rear engined dragster but find the slingshot more exciting to drive. The car was built in the UK in around 1975." Readers - any guesses as to the original owner/driver?

Super Comp racer Kent Elofsson is from Gävle which is local to Tierp and has been racing since 2006. Kent said "I have a new engine for this season, a 540cu in BBC with AFR geads and this is my first time out this year. The car was only ready a couple of days ago."

Stock/Super Stock racer Dan Williams of sponsors OCS Paint brought the A/SA Nova to the EDRS Nationals, qualified 11th with a 10.33 on an 11.00 index and went out in round one. He said "We kept the car in Sweden and Nic brought another engine at the start of the week which we fitted and hope to run better." With a rain delay the team are still waiting. The engine is supplied by Tilburg Racing Engines in Pennsylvania.

Stock/Super Stock racer Rick McCann is pitted alongside Dan and this is the team's third trip to Sweden, albeit without most of their crew this time. On each trip there has been a tyre failure on the camper and partner Carla Pittau said the help they received to get back on the road was excellent. Of the race car, Rick said "After our parts breakage last year we have got more spares for the valve train and even a spare transmission, however we didn't have space for a spare rear axle."

Stock/Super Stock racer Markus Svensson is well known as a crew chief for George Marnell’s NHRA Pro Stock team in the early 2000s but now he is lives in Sweden and used to work on the Leanders clutch with a number of US teams. Here, he is racing a 1970 Dodge Dart in F/S.

Stock/Super Stock racer Dennis Andersson is one of three members of the class running a '67 Ford Fairlane. Dennis has had his own example since 2011. He said "I tested in 2011 and have run a best of 11.11, but I believe it can run a 10.9. It is a four speed stick shift car which is harder to be consistent in than an automatic but is fun. I also have a '69 Mustang bracket car with a four speed stick shift which I use as a training car. I run here and at small tracks."

Event Updates Pit Notes Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena
Friday June 14th 2013

Pro Modified racer Niclas Andersson suffered massive tyre shake just off the line on both his passes today and ended the day in 20th place out of 23 runners.

Pro Modified racer Anders Nilsson is getting to grips with the ex-Graham Ellis Cuda and ran a best of 6.69 to go ninth by the end of the day.

Pro Modified racer Tero Laukanen is running twin turbos in his Mustang and the Finnish team are still in shakedown mode, running a best of 8.81 to go 18th. More details can be seen at

Pro Modified racer Jari Parén ran a 6.70 in the nitrous-assisted Corvette to go 10th by the end of Friday. The team's web site is

Pro Modified racer Norbert Schneider made his fourth and fifth runs in the Lucas Oils-sponsored Avenger I. He said "This is my first time at Tierp and I was very impressed driving under the arch to come out in the Arena area. The stadium feeling is awesome." Norbert ran a best of 7.9344/294.44 to go 15th but we are expecting the bump spot to reduce considerably tomorrow.

Pro Modified racer Jöran Persåker now has 91mm turbos on the Pontiac Firebird that he has raced for many years however the performance in round one was 8.30/277 and he was in 17th by the end of the day.

Pro Modified racer Mattias Wulcan said "We wanted to start well and going 6.11 for fifth place was good. I love Santa Pod and the surrounding countryside, it was great to visit the UK and I'm sure we will be back."

Pro Modified racer Urban Johansson ran quick in the first session with a 6.04 to go no.2. He said "There was some shake but I was dancing with the car. I'm having fun and this season I will be just doing four Tierp meetings and Sundsvall to concentrate on the Swedish championship. I am using Linda's engine as she has parked her Camaro for the moment. I was the first European Pro Mod champion and you can't take that away. I am driving another car for Mats Jonsson, a '53 Vette in Pro Xtreme at Malmö. The car uses my blower, heads and fuel system and the rest is Mats'. It's lighter than my '63 by 63kg and fun to race although I almost forgot it was an eighth mile track and had to stop quick."

Pro Modified racer Michael Gullqvist is no.1 qualifier with 5.96/393kph, the only five of the class at this event so far. Crew member Stefan Petersson said "We made a big change since Santa Pod by replacing the Tim McAmis steel rear end with a Mark Williams aluminium one which is about the same weight but easier to obtain. So we are really pleased at running so quick first time out and it seems to react well."

Pro Modified racer Freddy Fagerström ran an early shut-off 6.66 and 6.46 the latter in typically wild style to go eighth by the end of the day.

Pro Stock racer Magnus Petersson said he learned from racing at Santa Pod and in particular from a slow motion movie produced by SPR's resident photographer Ian Blackett. He said "The first run was good but I need to work on getting more speed." A 6.78/330kph was followed by a bang on the second run leaving him in fifth place and a hurt engine.

Pro Stock racer Micke Callin said "Our target is to run a 6.6 to get more competitive with the top guys and we got a 6.71 at Santa Pod. He improved from a 6.78 to in the first session to a 6.7498/330.68 which put him in fourth. But, as you can see, he and his crew were still pretty relaxed.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Adam Flamholc is racing regularly in Europe and the US's ADRL Series where he runs Pro Mod in eighth mile competition. He said "On my second pass the tyre came off at the hit. It felt like I had blown the tyres off but it was a different smell to usual as it was the inner liner. The first run was a good 5.94/392kph and I wanted to step it up as the track is great." In the US Adam ran an ADRL race at Richmond last weekend and qualified sixth but suffered with air being 4000ft equivalent with 95% humidity and blower cars being restricted to 40% overdrive. "We ran 3.96 in that air and had run 3.86 at Rockingham. But the nitrous cars ran 3.91 at both events."

Pro Stock racer Fredrik Fredlund had a scary first pass when the bike crossed lanes close to a fast exiting Ulf Ögge. He said "The rear wheel axle was not where it should have been. I tried to squeeze it back but it wanted to go to the left. It was my first pass of the year and we are all struggling with wind but I had an additional problem. I was ahead of ulf but took the clutch out and avoided the cones. We are hosting 150 people from Åland on behalf of my main sponsor PAF." Fredrik is pictured with son Joel.

Pro Stock racer Tommy Leindahl is racing just at Tierp this year, at all four drag races. "I don't have so much time to spend but am impressed at the level of competition. It may take a mid to high 6.7 to qualify. I have a rebuilt engine as I blew a piston at Hockenheim in 2011 and sent it back to Bob Ingles in the States for new liners and cylinder heads. The cat is back!" Tommy is pictured with crew members Anders and Rickard.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Timo Lehtimäki is back on track but with a lot of effort, said crew chief Ulf Hultholm. One was thus avoiding a special SFI inspection by borrowing Janne Ahonen's front wing after the fellow Finn said he is taking a year out. "We have made changes to the car so our first run was just a check-out. We had a small problem on the fuel system but are otherwise fine. We will race twice at Tierp and at Alastaro. We want more money to do the full tour next year but we have got the right equipment. You can't race in this class with less than three engines otherwise

Top Fuel Dragster racer Stig Neergaard said "We decided to come at the last minute as we need the points for the Championship. We are missing John Smith but he has to be at home due to family illness. We have had an upgrade to the engine and tune-up help from Alan Johnson who allowed us to run our fuel system on his flow bench. If we leave here in the top three we will attend Finland otherwise our next race is Hockenheim. We are looking forward to possibly running in the US in October when my grandstand business gets quieter."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Anita Mäkelä said "We may have run quicker than at the Main Event but are still working on a power loss. Our tuning adviser Donnie Bender is in Bristol at the NHRA event this weekend so Simo Lehtimaki is working on it. We are missing the top speed and I really noticed it when Antti outrun us."

Pro Mod racer Roger Johansson suffered a leaking brake line on his first pass and two dead spark plugs on the second where he recorded an 8.18 to go 16th.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Antti Horto was happy with a 4.07 at a slowing 447kph. Crew member Tony Pearson said "Antti's chassis seems to work well on most tracks. The speed was down due to a head gasket burning which cause a burn on one of the cylinder heads. But Antti is a great driver and the speed was down because he knew there was a problem starting. We won't run the next session but will rebuild the engine methodically. Rune's team has got drivers that are former champions and that is an asset."

Pro Mod racer Johan Westberg suffered a broken third member on his first run which cause the driveshaft to break (see the makeshift duck tape repair?). Crew member Ulf Eklund said "Johan is driving down to Stockholm where he has spare parts and we will be fit for tomorrow."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Micke Kågered is experiencing an unusual weekend renting a racecar from Rune Fjeld instead of being an owner/driver. "Scotch" Rob Inglis (pictured) said "The teams have come together easily but most of us have known each other for a long time. Roles got agreed. Renting a car is different when you don't have control of some things, however it should give enough confidence to make good runs and impress the sponsors who will be attending. It's just for this race. People are working different ways to get the same result, Leon and Mark are from both teams and are working on the clutch. Me? I've never had cleaner hands at a race meeting!"

Top Fuel Dragster racer Jari Halinen's team is joined for this weekend by US tuner Jimmy Walsh, who in a career spanning thirty years has been crew chief for Joe Amato, Kenny Bernstein, Morgan Lucas and Tony Pedregon. He said "I have known Rune for over twenty years and am impressed with his strong operation. It's my first time in Europe - I did plan to come over ten years ago but didn't make it. I am impressed with the track, the teams should be able to run a three second time here in the right conditions. The teams are used to being quite conservative in their approach and they need more aggression."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Micke Kågered is racing in a Rune Fjeld-owned and tuned car this weekend, the team including Rune wearing the Bahco liveried crew shirts and including members of Micke's own crew as well as Rune's. On his first run in the car, Micke ran a planned launch after a smokeless burnout. More to come!

Top Fuel Dragster racer Thomas Nataas's ride is owned and tuned by Carsten Andersen (pictured left) and Per Andersen. The car went into shake on its first pass as the team seek the right setup going from a new all ashphalt track to the all concrete surface at Tierp. They said "With eight cars here and no US tuners with us we are feeling the pressure a little."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Anita Mäkelä was ready for her first pass which was a 4.24/445kph with a softish 60ft time of 0.92. This was a better time than any of her passes at the Main Event, where her best was 4.29, and promises more performance later in the race.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Stig Neergaard is without usual tuner John Smith who is in the US. Nevertheless, Stig put in a stout 4.18/419kph to qualify second in the first of four planned sessions.

Top Fuel Bike racer Peter Andersson-Ström said "This is our first race this year - we just made small adjustments and maintenance over the weekend. We have run a best of 6.78 here but at only 268kph so we think we can go several tenths quicker, we just have to find it." Peter's engine would not fire in the first session but there are three more scheduled runs to qualify.

Super Twin racer Vesa Lipponen is on his third year with the bike which has a Dixie frame and unblown PRP engine. He said "I moved up from a street car class to Super Twin which was a jump. Our best time testing for this year with a couple of new parts was a 7.3 but we want to run a six. I will race the whole UEM series - it makes a difference having only four rounds to fund, as transport to the UK is 6000 Euros for the team."

Super Twin racer Jarkko "Jaakoppi" Laukkanen is on Vesa Lipponen's crew this weekend but is planning to race his own Super Twin bike next season. He said "I started racing at the 2011 Finals with Carina Sjutti's old bike. Unfortunately I misjudged the track and had an engine explosion on the launch. After I recover from a back injury I will work on the bike and be out in 2014." Jaakoppi also has news of Finnish Pro Mod racer Markko Lanto who is building a new Cuda and trailer to replace his Corvette.

Super Twin racer Svein Olaf Rofstad was optimistic after a successful test at Gardermoen and a visit to Valdosta in the US last November. "The bike is unchanged except we changed our setup after Valdosta and we are using some parts from the no.2 bike. We had a great eighth mile time there but still have problems keeping the engine alive after 250m. So we changed the ignition and are trying to lean it out to burn the fuel." Svein Olaf said that last year's team mate Jan Sturla Hegre will be riding a new Top Fuel Bike owned by Norwegian Per Åke Bengt for the last three rounds of the championship.

US Pro Stock Bike tuner Gary Stoffer is with Fredrick Fredlund on the PAF team this weekend. "I brought another engine over with me. We are looking to run a six but the minimum weight in Europe is 20lb higher. Our setup for clutch and rpm is totally different from the US and also different here from Santa Pod. So we can't compare data as well and we need to collect more data. Several bikes, Kalle's, Elvira's and Kenneth's all have state of the art parts but the different conditions and lack of track time hurt." In the US Gary is crew chief for NHRA PSB rider Katie Sullivan.

Pro Stock Bike racer Kenneth Vik announced a tie-up with Sovereign and George Bryce's Star Racing and is excited about the link-up. "I started on the project in 2012 when George Bryce asked me to ride for him. I wanted to try some new equipment and Star Racing has great possibilities. So I went to Star Racing in Georgia and tested the bike and was glad with the results. Then in Gardermoen last week I ran a 7.08 on a marginal track and could have gone quicker but we decided to spare the parts. Our objective is to prove to Jeno Rujp of Sovereign the potential of the team and to be a European showcase for Star Racing." Pictured with Kenneth is crew chief for this race Tor Erik Westbye.

Super Twin racer Ulf Ledström is racing his ex-Hans Olav Olstad bike again this season. It has a frame by Gunnar Olsson, PRP enginem Servex heads and Higear clutch. At the end of the first session Ulf was second with a new PB 6.98/286kph run.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Micke Kågered with two talented young drivers of his V8 Thunder Cars Series team (formerly Camaro Cup), Jocke and Andreas Ahlberg, who are at their first drag race. Andreas thinks that it’s going to be an exciting weekend. Jocke and Andreas each drive a car at circuits around Sweden and are in their third season with Team Kågered. Picture courtesy and ©Lena Perés.

Super Comp racer Kevin Yrjövaara has graduated from Junior Dragster at the age of 16. His father, crew chief and sponsor Olle said "This is our first race this year and we want to run the rest of the EDRS series. The car was bought from Jimmy Andersson. Kevin is from Habo, Sweden.

Stock/Super Stock racer Lars Björklund is racing this 327 cu in Camaro in G/SA and went 11.94 on a 12.00 index to go 21st. In the line-up we heard sponsor Dan Williams has had a problem with his water pump which prevented him running in session one and we hope he can locate a spare.

Stock/Super Stock racer Håkan Nordström from Falun has a '70 Plymouth Hemi-Cuda and is in A/SA with an index of 11.00. He ran 9.95 to go no.1 in the first session. Dave Schmitz Racing is the engine supplier with Don Little Racing heads.

Stock/Super Stock racer Erik Wallin from Uppsala also runs in A/SA in his 427cu in Camaro and ran a 10.41 to go no.9 in the first session.

Stock/Super Stock racer Christer Lidberg from Vilhelmina has a Plymouth Roadrunner and he has raced since 2009. He ran 10.60 on 11.25 index to go no.8.

Super Twin racer Matti Vähäsaari from Norway has bought the unblown Zodiac engine that Ton Pels used to run and tells us the bike is lighter as a result. "We have great hopes for performance and want to run the whole series including the Nordic championship."

Competition Eliminator racer Jan Ekström runs his D/D and it is his third year in the class with a best of 7.97. He said "We have a new convertor this year." Crew chief is father Johan and the engine a SBC of 320cu in. Troubles in session one meant he is qualified 15th.

Competition Eliminator racer Peter Emilsson last ran in Pro Stock in 2009 and is now returning with the same car but much smaller 267cu in engine and auto trans. He said "I ran in Comp Eliminator from 1997 and am aiming to run in EDRS and to go in the high eights."

Competition Eliminator racer Mathias Stenström has a turbo Volvo S90 with BMW engine and ran 7.02 on a 7.50 C/TA index to go seventh. The car has run as quick as 6.72/335kph.

Competition Eliminator racer Odd Erik Fossum is crewed by daughter Trine Fossum (pictured right) and guest crew and TMD racer Birgitte Bremnes. Trine said "We bought the car as a new build from Stroupe Race Cars in 2011 and run it in A/NA with a nitrous assisted 632cu in engine. It's more economical to run in Sportsman class although it could run in Pro Mod." Trine told us that her quick (7.63) JM/A dragster is for sale. Birgitte is looking forward to driving the Islanders' dragster at the European Finals.

Competition Eliminator racer Stefan "Stuff" Persson is racing this F/D. Crewman Jörgen Westling told us that the engine is a new Rodeck four banger of 180cu in with TH350 trans. This is the first race with the new engine and the old ran a best of 9.9. Problems prevented a time in the first session.

Competition Eliminator racer Yngve Solberg from Oslo, Norway, is crewed by his father and sponsor Øystein. He told us the car is for sale. "We bought the car almost new from North Dakota and the previous owner was 82 years old. The car holds the European AA/D record of 6.50/210mph and has a BBC with a short stroke of 3.5 inches to give 397 cu in and is easy to maintain and quick." Plans for the future? "We would like to get a front engined nostalgia Top Fuel car. I go to Bakersfield and have bought parts from Brandon Murray but there is no more space for another race car!"

Competition Eliminator racer Andreas Arthursson runs a '97 Chevy Monte Carlo and took it to 6.877 on 7.39 index to go no.5. The car was built by Gebharts Racecars and has a turbo Chevy small block with Hughes Powerglide. More details on PPF Racing Team are at

Competition Eliminator racer Lars-Georg Johansson runs an NS Racecars built blowen SBC engined Camaro with a best of 7.49/290kph. He ran 7.81 on the BA/A 8.40 index to go no.4.

Competition Eliminator racer Jens Eklund has this Audi A5 which ran 8.06 on an 8.77 index to go no.2. The self-built car has 25.1 chassis, and a turbo Audi 2.4 engine with Leanders clutch and Liberty 5 speed trans. Best time to date is 7.77 and more details are at

Eleven Super Gas Bikes made the call for the first session. Reigning champion Tomas Jonsson was no.1 with a 9.55.

Competition Eliminator racers Jens Eklund and Bjørn Johansen (in the Corvette) await their first qualifying attempt. Bjørn ran 7.14 on a 7.26 index to go 11th in his unblown, Stroup Racecars built machine.

Event Updates Pit Notes Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena
Saturday June 15th 2013

Top Fuel Dragster racers Patrik Pers (pictured left) amd Timo Lehtimaki wait to be fired up in qualifying this morning.

Pro Mod racer Mats Erikson is supporting the distribution of Docol products by placing a stand near his race car trailer. Product manager Anna Stiwne explained that their product Docol R8 has been approved by the SFI as equivalent to chrome moly 3140 and is a low alloy material that is easier to weld, has good bendability and no oxide layers. The increased flexibility gives it less risk of cracking.

Pro Mod racerJohan "Lillis" Samuelsson made his first full pass since a crash last year although he lifted during the run. He said "I am pleased to get information for my setup although I did not qualify." A 6.91 was outside the 6.70 bump spot placing him in 18th.

Pro Mod racer Norbert Schneider has run quicker on each pass. He said "My goal is to run safely but not to run a six at this stage. I have learned a lot at this race and we have good data. The launch was smooth because the clutch is set soft and we are leaving at lower rpms." Norbert's best time was in that last pass, a 7.28/323kph.

Pro Mod racer Niclas Andsersson had bad tyre shake in all his runs but a softer setup helped him run a 6.30 to be no.12 qualifier. He said "We are working with the car still and have a lot of new engine and clutch parts and a new rear wing so it will take more runs to get the car to run right. Tomorrow is another day though."

Pro Mod racer Stefan Carlsson finished with a 7.19 to go 20th. He said "We backed off the engine and softened the clutch to reduce tyre shake. It felt better but I drifted right and had to back off."

Pro Mod racer Jari Prén had bad tyre shake in his final pass but an earlier 6.70 was just enough to qualify him for eliminations tomorrow. He said "We have also had a problem with head studs."

Pro Mod racer Jan Gunnarson had to soften the clutch to get down the track. He said "I am hopefully qualified otherwise somebody is going to get mad at me. My guys have a lot to do and I thank all of them. They are great guys, but we have struggled all weekend. Hopefully we have found the problem and can apply more clutch tomorrow." He is qualified 11th with a 6.26.

Pro Mod racer "Doctor" Norbert Kuno said "I shook bad and was off the throttle before half track. We have found it a tricky track, hard to drive on and we couldn't find a setup that suited the car. We will plan to run a 6.1 tomorrow, anything is possible."

Pro Mod racer David Vegter's weekend has improved and he finished in 6th position with a new PB of 6.05. He said "I even shifted early on that one, the car picked up really well in 2nd and 3rd and I think we can get the consistency back in eliminations."

Pro Mod racers David Vegter and Mattias Wulcan discuss a close side-by-side qualifying duel. Mattias said "We are happy to get back into the fives with a 5.97." He is qualified fourth.

Pro Mod racer Martin Lundkvist is the speed king but on this run didn't get the revs right and carded a 6.22/379. He is on a speed record of 407.24 if he can back it up but reset it at 399.11 anyway.

Pro Mod racer Freddy Fagerström has been writing an S into the track on every run this weekend but it hasn't hurt his performance too much, running a 6.21 this morning to qualify eighth.

Pro Mod racer Robert Joosten continued his improvement after finding a suspension issue (see below). A new PB in Europe of 6.11 was pleasing. He said "The car is responding to smalll changes and we are going to think about a plan for tomorrow.

Top Methanol Funny Car racers Johan and Jonnie Lindberg have identical livery with support from Chevrolet and other sponsors. Both bodies are Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Johan is qualified second with a 5.700 and Jonnie sixth with a 6.181. The team are posting daily updates at

Johan Lindberg is pictured in his car. Car owner and CEO of Tierp Arena Lars-Erik Lindberg said "The cars were both shipped in March and we have got two great cars from Frank Manzo (Jonnie) and Brian Thiels (Johan)." Johan said "I had a great run against Leif Andreasson and we were close then the blower lifted and I slowed to a 5.78. My car launches very quick and Jonnie's has better top speed."

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Johnny Oksa has made a confident-looking debut in the OK Racing Team Dodge Charger raced by his late father Jarmo 'Japa' Kuutniemi. Johnny said "It was difficult to drive at first and after I ran a 6.0 I wanted to quit, I was so scared - I didn't understand how quick it was. But I have worked on the car for many years and that helped." Johnny is pictured with crew Harry Raikkonen (centre) and crew chief Paul Siren. "We only planned to license but it went so well we will be at Alastaro and here in August. Thanks to the Leanders brothers for all their help on the car."

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Leif Andréasson was pleased with a 5.58 pass. He said "The engine is running nice. The others may be catching up but if they get too close we will put more in and we could see a 5.4s pass this year. I am tuning the car myself this year with crew chief Frank Göransson. Before the next run we will adjust the rear wing to take downforce out and see if it will hold as I would like a 420kph top speed." A transmission problem prevented Leif from a full pass in session 3, but his qualifying time is over a tenth quicker than anyone else in the class.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Micke Larsson, who was in the middle of packing his parachute when we passed, had a frustrating day on Friday when he was shut off for a fluid leak in the first session and then had a burst panel go in the second. He said "We have fixed the leak in the blower. We ran a five in testing and want to repeat." In this morning's session Micke ran a 5.85/395kph to go sixth.

Pro Stock racer Jan Ericsson of team Sundholm Welding is based in västerås and also runs his Pontiac Grand Am in Super Pro Street and Competition Eliminator. After two off-the throttle efforts with tyre shake yesterday, the team's hard work overnight paid off this morning with a 6.7944/326.88 to go seventh.

Stock/Super Stock racer Urban Arvidson from Vilhelmina runs this '68 Hemi 'Cuda. The car's best time so far is 9.48 and ran a 9.50 at this event but with an index of 9.30 he is 27th out of 28 qualifiers.

Pro Mod racer Håkan Persson was in Top Doorslammer for seven years and this is his first race in Pro Mod. Håkan's car is a Dodge Viper construcuted by Mats Eriksson and uses and engine from Adam Flamholc. He said "My best time on the eighth mile was 4.10 with my old engine. Our target is simply to get down the track and qualify."

Pro Mod racer David Vegter was runner up at the FIA Main Event. He said "The track has a great starting line and we need to step up the clutch for the launch. Our best time so far is 6.23 but I would like to run a 6.0. The air on Friday was not as good as the Main Event and should be better today - the trees around here help to increase oxygen in the air."

Pro Mod racer Stefan Gustavsson had a wild ride yesterday which you can see on the team's website at Stefan said "A fitting on the hose came loose and oil got under the tyres. I did three spins one way and two the other and was worried I would hit the wall. I stopped four inches away from it." The team had a huge cleanup job as oil got everywhere and as oil pressure was lost they had to change bearings. This morning's run was a 7.48 leaving him in 19th.

Pro Stock Bike racer Bo Thorselius has been racing this Kawasaki H2 bike since 1989. Built by Dave Klock in 1989, the bike had to be modified after one year because the wheelbase rules changed from 68" to 70". He said "I replaced the original H2 gearbox with a FBG/Robinson 5 speed. I only did one run yesterday and the engine blew up and burnt the gasket and the outside of the cylinder sleeve. I had to do some aly-oxy welding and it started fine." Bo thinks the bike can still run a 7.50 and this is possible as he is permitted under the UEM rules to run nitrous.

Pro Stock Bike racer Kenneth Holmberg runs Swecomposite, a company that supplies carbon fibre bodies and components to many Scandinavian car and bike racers. He said "This is my first season in the class and I have Anders Abrahamsson's old bike with new engine from Pro Service, a Swedish engine building company with US experience." I had five runs at the test and tune weekend and my best was 8.0. I am not used to running with wheelie bars as I raced in a Harley street class before." Kenneth plans to run all rounds of the UEM championship.

Top Fuel Bike racer Ian King's crewman Martin Brookman told us that Ian's bike is repainted in the classic Gulf colours. Ian was pleased with a 6.3s pass yesterday, shutting off after only four seconds, but today produced an outstanding 6.04/353kph in the morning session.

Pro Mod racer Johan Westberg thanks Jan Gunnarson for loan of a driveshaft. Other spare drivetrain parts had to be collected by Johan from his Stockholm base and the driveshaft loop welded by Andreas Åbm. He said "We bought the car in 2012 and tested last year but broke the rear. We have got a new setup with the clutch and the fuel system for 2013." The car, like Johan's previous Opel Calibra, was purchased from Greek racer Fast Fil Papafilippou

Pro Mod racer Stefan Carlsson bought his Camaro in 2007 and ran it in Top Doorslammer since then. He said "This is my first race in Pro Mod and my best over the quarter mile is 6.46 but that was with nitrous. For this year we have a new engine from Christian Nyström with a real nice DMPE supercharger. We do about six or seven races a year." Best run this event is a 7.19.

Pro Mod racer Robert Joosten has been unhappy with the car's performance over the last three years so decided to spend time over the winter testing in Valdosta, Georgia. He said "We made 18 runs between January and March and it was very useful and ran a PB by far. But it was a big surprise it handled so differently in the UK and yesterday. So we took a good look and found the sway bar had seized up as a result of some last minute welding. We put it right and we can now start to run well." On his next pass a 6.18 placed him no.6 in the field. Robert says hello to crew members Jan and Jaap who are unable to attend.

Pro Mod racer Håkan Persson's car has a black with red flecks paint job on the hood. The car ran a 6.96 to go 16th in this morning's session.

Tierp Arena has a great crowd today as Michael Gullqvist stages against Tero Laukkanen in Pro Mod qualifying. Michael's 5.93 consolidated his no.1 qualifying position.

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Event Updates Pit Notes Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena
Sunday June 16th 2013 

Pro Stock Bike winner Karl-Heinz Weikum had a hole-shot over 2012 champion Ulf Ögge. "It is my first event on my new bike", he said. "We made some test runs at Kumandaras and the 60ft times were good." The bike is a new build by myself with help from Fast By Gast in Las Vegas. I also took my old engine and replaced the heads using two valve heads and keeping to 1655cc capacity. I was delighted the bike performed well and that it was a holeshot win too."

Super Twin bike winner Ulf Ledström said "We had problems all weekend but I was pleased to run 6.83. We have been struggling with dropped cylinders. We will keep our schedule to Nordic races and the next one is at Sundsvall. We are delighted to be leading the points at this stage though."

Pro Stock winner Thomas Lindström pulled off a win over championship leader Jimmy Ålund and was ahead from the start and Jimmy lifted at half track.

Top Methanol Funny Car finalists Adam Flamholc and Jonnie Lindberg line up for the final which Adam won 5.71 to 5.84.

Top Fuel Bike runner-up Rickard Gustavsson said "On Friday the bike wanted to go left because of the wind and I shut off. On Saturday I selected the wrong gear on the first run and on the second I ran a good 6.42. Against Peter Andersson-Ström I ran 6.49 and it was quite close. If Ian's bike had performed how I expected I would not have been in the final as we struggled to get traction in the left lane but we got there. Against Peter Svensson, we tried to push but spun the tyre.

Stock/Super Stock runner-up Dan Williams said "The weekend generally went very well. We missed the first qualifier because of a water pump which we fixed and then qualified no.8. The car performed really well and the new engine was great first time out, running well under the index. Also in the final we were against Per Fagerström who has been a good friend to us." The team's plans are to race at Tierp in July and August with the Nova and to transport it to the UK in time for the Finals.

Super Gas winner Bosse Hall has raced his Anglia 105E for thirty years but has a new self-constructed chassis under the body for this year. "The car performed as I wanted and we have sorted out all the problems. I will try to do five races to count for the EDRS championship. But after 30 years of racing, I realise there is something else other than racing in life."

Top Fuel winner Thomas Nataas and team were delighted at the win in a competitive field. A 4.22 defeated Stig Neergaard's 4.27. Thomas said "We were pleased with the car this weekend and the only issue was a burst panel going after the finish line in the final."

Top Methanol Funny Car winner Adam Flamholc and runner up Jonnie Lindberg celebrate on the podium.

Pro Mod winner Urban Johansson and runner-up Micke Gullqvist hold the trophies and bubbly. Urban said "The car made a nice number. We had loose rings in the head and not so much power and no time to fix it so I wanted to take him on the tree. It is great to have the European record too. Thanks to my team who have worked so hard to turn the car around."

Top Fuel winner Thomas Nataas and runner up Stig Neergaard on the podium and Stig will now book his place in Finland at the start of July. Stig said "I had a car length on Thomas at 660ft but there was a transmission issue."

Top Methanol Funny Car runner up Jonnie Lindberg said "I was disappointed not to get the win but happy to get the speed record at 421kph and be the first TMFC in Europe under 5.50 even though it was not backed up. It shook real hard and the track was tricky for us. It looks the same on each run but the amount of tyre shake varies. In our team race Johan had a wire connection come loose. But we are world class and my best speed is only 2kph off the NHRA record of 431kph."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Jari Halinen (pictured right) reached the semi final and recorded his best times with US tuner Jimmy Walsh. Jimmy said "We are tweaking it to perform better. The clutch is the heart of the car and each car has its own personality. Although the weather seems to change, the barometer and water grain stay steady and are not making a difference." Jimmy will also be helping Jari at Alastaro and Jari suffered the loass of a blower belt in the semi final.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Stig Neergaard said "We lost a blower belt in round one but the engine is clean. It will be a close race as Jari is running well." Stig defeated Jari, but a 255kph speed indicated he was out of the throttle well before the 1000ft mark.

Pro Stock Bike racer Elvira Karlsson suffered a loose crankshaft bolt which only became apparent when the team put the starter on. She said "Tightening that bolt will now be on our checklist! Our goals for this season are a six second pass and a race win. We have stepped up with a new Vance & Hines engine and trailer. I ran a 7.12 at 301kph at the test and tune and so my qualifier of 7.17 was not a surprise. We will be running all rounds of the championship."

Top Fuel Bike racer Ian King was delighted to run his first five, a 5.98/353kph. "It's nice to get that weight off my shoulders," he said. "Sometimes the quickest runs are the easiest and the engine was clean after it." However in the semi a smoking tyre led to a loss to the funny bike of Rickard Gustavsson.

Pro Stock Bike racer Gert-Jan Laseur was confident having defeated reigning champion Fredrick Fredlund and achieving a personal best of 7.21 in round one of eliminations. He said "We have many new parts and discovered we were on the wrong foot and using too many revs. With less revs the clutch is working better and I thank my clutch man." In a close race Gert-Jan lost to Karl-Heinz Weikum in the semi-final.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Adam Flamholc said of his first round 5.79 bye "We shook at the top of first gear and short shifted which is why we lost ET. We will need to step up against Leif in the next race." Adam then won on a holeshot with an 0.08 light and 5.68 ET against Leif Andréasson's 0.24 RT and 5.57 ET.

Top Methanol Funny Car racer Leif Andréasson had the most consistent performance of the race running a series of 5.5s. However running a 5.57 losing pass indicates the level of competition in the class has increased by a step factor in 2013.

Top Methanol Funny Car racers Jonnie (pictured left) and Johan Lindberg are another reason why the class is so competitive. Jonnie's 5.498/429kph (266mph) pass made history as the first ever European TMFC under 5.50.

Pro Mod racer Niclas Andersson went two rounds after struggling in qualifying. A 6.23 defeat of Marc Meihuizen in round one was followed by 6.16 against Mats Eriksson in round two. But a 6.30 was no match for Micke Gullqvist's 5.91 in the semi final.

Pro Mod racer Urban Johansson has stepped up performance to take a new European record of 5.882 and had a bye when opponent Mattias Wulcan was a no-show. So the Pro Mod final has two cars that have both taken the European class ET record this weekend.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Patrik Pers crew have had a frustrating weekend with a couple of large fires. Crew members Mark 'Animal' Bodimeade and Alan Jackson commented that the engine was blowing oil seals out as a result of a crankcase pressure problem caused by an issue in the ignition system. The subsequent fire was spectacular but the main damage was to pistons. Animal said "We have 60 spare pistons in Stockholm and have burnt 24 so far this weekend." Patrik exited eliminations in round one against Antti Horto.

Top Fuel Dragster racer Thomas Nataas was pleased to have run back to back 4.03s in the aborted session on Saturday and yesterday morning. "I'd rather be no.1" he admitted. "We can be a bit faster - there are small issues such as tyre shake and dropping cylinders. We think we have found the problem and will hopefully run fine."

Super Twin racer Christian Jäger qualified fourth with a 7.19 but was troubled by the conditions. "The wind direction changes when you come out of the arena and it was causing the bike to drift to the left. We are finding it hard not to overpower the track which changes traction for us after oildowns. It is very tricky for the setup that Super Twins have. But the bike has run reliably, we have the same soft setup here and it could go 6.5 if it went straight."

Super Twin racer Job Heezen, pictured with team members Roel Koedam, Nils and Paul said "Three quarters of the runs we have done have had to be aborted. I have had to angle over to keep the bike going straight. The track is not to blame, I have had problems getting it off the line due to clutch setup. Almost all the Super Twins were struggling and yesterday was a miserable day. The big engines mean they are tricky to tune."

Super Twin racer Anna-Lena Asplund, pictured with crew chief Mats Eriksson, is running nitro for the first time this year and had an explosion on her first attempt. She said "I am just getting used to it. I bought from Samu Kemppainen, it's a bit heavier but not much. I am getting used to the nitro routine and it was fine in the burnout but exploded on the launch. I was angry with myself because I should have launched from idle, but raised the revs, and then got off and back on the throttle. It was a learning experience. The damage was a lifted head and bent wrist pin, nothing major." Anna Lena's next race is Gardermoen.

Super Twin racer Trond Høiberget qualified seventh with 7.65. He said "I have been struggling with the gearbox and second gear being broken which meant I have had to run with only one gear. My new team are good workers and I thank Odd Magnar Solheim, Juha HintoKainen and Ekki Heinämäki.

Super Twin racer Samu Kempainnen is racing the Ron Houniet/Nate Gagnon-built bike with V60 engine and is first alternate. Samu said "The engine is really good. I have done 74 laps without damage. Over the winter I had a new cam and latest model Racepak. It runs well and we tested last month recording a 6.80. We changed parts and have had a problem with the lockup clutch. It spun the tyre on both runs and the bike wouldn't go straight. We got to 330kph but the first 60ft was our problem." Samu said 2012 Champion Nate Gagnon is leading the Canadian championship and hopes to pay a social visit to Europe later in the year.

Pro Stock Bike racer and blogger Kalle Lyrén was delighted with a new PB 7.09 and no.1 qualifier. He said "It's unbelievable. Finally the bike is working as we planned. After struggling, we have got into the tuning window. Over the winter we looked at every piece on the bike. If we were not sure it was good enough, we tried to look at an alternative. We now want to run consistent 7.0s."

Pro Mod racer Terje Håkonsen said "We had a troubled and unsatisfying weekend. We had success last year, running a 5.96 in August and tried the same setup but it didn't work. We bought some new parts over the winter and the car is now 50kg lighter. I lost one run with Martin Lundkvist coming into our lane, the second was slow due to a spark plug breaking and then the clutch didn't work right in the final session. It was unlucky but that's racing."

Pro Stock bike racer Ulf Ögge ran 7.15, 7.20 and 7.15 for no.4 qualifier. But the picture shows that there was damage. Crew man Ola Pettersson said "In Q1 we had an engine sensor failure and the fuel injector put a lot of fuel in. Then in the next session that issue resulted in a pushrod and lifter failure at 10,000rpm. In the last session we had a problem with the clutch tuning and spun the tyre. The track workers have done an awesome job to give us a great surface to race on.

Top Fuel Bike racer Peter Svensson qualified no.1 with a 5.98. He said "I pedalled once and maybe there was a little too much clutch. The bike is strong and running well, but the wind has been a problem, it pushed us to the left and changes after the arena area. It would be good to run against Ian in the final as he is doing good times."

Top Fuel Dragster racer Thomas Nataas produced the quickest time of round one of eliminations with 4.08 in a defeat of Micke Kågered's 4.15/467kph, his quickest of the weekend.

Pro Mod racers Marc Meihuizen and Micke Gullqvist both ran their best times of the event so far yesterday and congratulated each other afterwards. Marc ran 6.04 to qualify fifth and Micke ended as top qualifier with a 5.92/397kph. Marc said "I lifted once on that run so the time could be better."

Pro Mod racer Mats Eriksson was excited after his best run for a while, 6.03/381 with a 3.96 to the eighth. He said "We are figuring out our settings more and more on every run. Going to England was superb for us because we were able to obtain data that has helped us here."

Pro Stock racer Christian Sagelv was pleased to run his first 6.8 in the Gulf Ford but disappointed not to qualify. He said "The speed (325kph) shows the potential and we should be running in the high 6.7s. We have struggled and I feel this run should have been our starting point. But we have learned a lot about the combination with our new engine and Leanders clutch. We will now run the rest of the FIA championship. Pro Stock is the toughest class but we are the fastest Ford!"

Pro Stock racer Ulf Wagnhester qualified no.8 in the Samantha racing Dodge Avenger. He said "We have put new Penske shocks on the car which have a lot more adjustability than our old shocks and therefore give us more tuning potential. The car is running better each round and our 6.81 earlier was our PB."

Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren ran his best time of the weekend, a 6.73 to qualify no. 5. He said "I was not happy with the run and we are not getting the car to run the way we want and are struggling with the chassis. We are no closer to a 6.6 which we need to do."

Pro Stock racers Magnus Petersson and Jimmy Ålund were both celebrating. Magnus had run his first 6.6 pass (6.68) to go no.4. He said "Our trouble was not getting the tyre speed up at the start and now we have begun to step up well." Jimmy ran a 6.588 to back up his 6.552 for a new European ET record. He said "Today's performance has proved we can run in the 6.5s consistently and I am looking forward to eliminations."

Pro Stock racer Thomas Lindström was a little disappointed to have gone from 6.69 in the morning to 6.62. He said "It wasn't the run we wanted and we will have to try to improve tomorrow. Jimmy has done well and we need to catch him."

Stock/Super Stock racer Rick McCann had a scary moment yesterday when a near-vertical wheelie resulted in the car crossing lanes very close to Jarmo Markkanen. Rick said "It came straight up, unloaded and then started to tip to the right. I came off the power but he looked in his mirrors and lifted as well. What saved us was he was dialled in seven hundredths quicker. We had identical reactions and it could have been a disaster. We steered away from the wall and there is no front damage, the only item bent is the wheelie bar. We had new Hoosier tyres on and the air and traction were better today. We want to get different shocks to enable the car to deal with different tracks rather than change the four link." Next race for Rick is Alastaro at the start of July.

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