Docol R8 Tubes  in stock
At last the high strength steel tubes starts to come out on the market. It´s has been a long journey to conclude the history about the new racing tubes.  Tubes that going got be a complement to Chrom Moly tubes that door slammer drag racing chassis have to be built in. But now the SSAB tube mill in Borlänge have start the producing of Docol R8 tubes for the market, and a few is now in stock at Scandinavian dealer ME Racing Service AB.   
-    All varieties haven’t been made yet, says Mats Eriksson of ME Racing Service. But in some weeks most of the racing tubes should be in stock.

The tube history started about nine years ago when Mats had some thoughts about why SSAB (Swedish Steel Corporation) didn’t have any high strength tubes, as they are the best in making high strength steel. He had some conversations about this with people that could handle the question. And 2009 there was a high-strength-tube-project started up where, actually, IKEA was involved together with Outokumpo and SSAB. Some test tubes were made in Outokumpus stainless tube mill in Fagersta. But Outokumpo decided to close down the tube mill. SSAB then took the opportunity to buy the mill and move it to Borlänge.

phot: The Green Goblin Pro Mod car operated by ME Racing Services. Mats Eriksson drives the beautiful Crown Vicky, while Mats and son Lars-Göran, "LG", tune the car together.  

It has taken some time to reach the goal with the drag racing quality. As the tubes have to be approved by SFI for doorslammer cars (which is the first in the production), that was the first step to take.

-    As I am a member in the SFI committee I had a good chance to make a good presentation for the members, tells Mats. And as there have been some skills with the Chrom Moly tubes recently, the committee became very interested. But from that it was a long way to go. There has to be very accurate testes and all committee has to agree, test and discuss the matters, says Mats.

-    Even though the goal we made up was reached faster than we ever could dream of, continues Lars Göran. We had our doubts when we went at the first SFI meeting at IMIS in December 2010. It always takes time to get new rules to work out properly and not least, to move a tube mill and get it up and running. But SSAB was really on to this and we collaborated very well together. And the SFI committee saw something good in this. Now the first manufacturing lines are rolling at SSAB Tubes.

In America SSAB has presented the tubes at both the PRI Show and the IMIS with good results. And there are orders which have been waiting for the first shipment since. So the project proceeds. The Docol tubes R8 are right now presented at a show in Germany.

The news that the tubes actually are on the market now, was first presented on the web-tv show “Motorsoffan” the 17th of april by SSABs Anna Stiwne and Mats Eriksson. If anyone want more information, check out the interview “Rörigt i Motorsoffan” at the or call LG at ME Racing Service AB (MERS).

-    We have five varieties in stock at the moment, says Lars Göran “LG” Eriksson. But the upcoming weeks the list is filling up. So just check out our web page for prices and what´s coming in. We will do our best to answer questions and give all service we can!

Docol R8 Tubes

Text: Lena Perés
Photo: Lars Göran “LG” Eriksson

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