Top Methanol Dragster Review
FHRA Nitro Nationals 
6 teams on site to compete in the methanol dragster class at Alastaro and impressive to see both Maltese teams hade taken the long trip from the island of Malta in the Mediterrenean sea to Finland.. an estimated driving distance of 3790 km.. one way!

The qualification presented one of the Maltese drivers Manty Bugeja as low qualifier with 5.422 sec at 421 km. He was followed by Dennis Habermann Germany 5.456/419km and in 3rd place brother Timo Habermann 5.465/417 km. Dave Wilson managed 5.472 which was good for the 4th spot and in 5th Maltese Chris Polidano 5.52 sec and last but not least veteran Esko Raisvuo who is on home turf at Alastaro. Raisvuos ET during the qualifications 5.65 sec. Great to see such an overall quick field of comeptitors at Alastaro!

In the first elimination run Raisvuo got to meet no 1 qualifier Manty Bugeja, who continued to run well , now 5.50 sec at 416 km, which was too quick for Raisvuo. Dennis Habermann took on Chris Polidano . Habermann in good shape at Alastaro as always a great reaction time and the ET 5.61 sec/412 km was good for a pass to the semi-final where the two Habermann brothers was destined to meet. Polidanos loosing time against Dennis Habermann 5.85 sec. 

To pass the quarter finals Timo Habermann had to outrun Dave Wilson, a task he managed well, Timo had a quick reaction time and the dragster behaved well at 5.54 sec/381 km leaving Wilson behind. Wilsons loosing ET 5.83 sec.

photo: Ex Top Methanol Dragster pilot Derek Flynn left now crew chief for Chris Polidano, who acquired Flynns Gold RV Dragster. Here with Esko Raisvuo also Top Methanol Dragster

While Manty Bugeja enjoyed a bye run in the semi-final (which he used for a great 5.50 sec/422 km crowd pleasing run), The Habermann brothers found themselves in the situation of facing each other already in the semi-final. This time the outcome was destined already before the run as technical problems on Dennis dragster meant it stayed in the pits, while Timo´s golden dragster passed the finsish line after 9.705 sec at 155 km in a bye run. 

The final between Manty Bugeja and Timo Habermann rained out just minutes before it was due Sunday evening (as did the finals in the other championship classes)..

Link to Qualification list
Link to Elimination ladder

Leaving Alastaro we have Manty Bugeja in championship lead at 224 points chased by 2011 champion Dave Wilson who currently has 214 points (less than one round after Bugeja). Timo Habermann 3rd with 166 points.

The next round in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship is the NitrOlympx at HockenheimRing in Germany August 10-12th. With a few days to go before the entry closes, the entry list show two  drivers that was not present at Alastaro; Krister Johansson Sweden and Peter Schöfer who has his home track at Hockenheim.

Dennis Habermann guided into staging position by dad Werner.. 

and here Timo Habermann´s golden dragster on track

Text: Åsa Kinnemar
Photos: Lena Pere´s, Patrik Jacobsson and Åsa Kinnemar

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