Contingency Programs 2012
Since we started the Speedgroup Contingency Program three years ago we have had a fantastic response from our Contingency Partners and from the racers.
Starting in 2012 Speedgroup offer two Contingency Programs:
- the FIA/UEM Championship Contingency Program
- and the EDRS European Drag Racing Series Contingency Program (sportsman classes)

Today we are able to offer great Marketing Opportunities to the companies and an attractive Contingency Program to the racers. The current value of the program are over $153.000 for the FIA/UEM classes and $118.000 for the EDRS sportsman classes.

Additions may be made before or during the season.

Details about the Contingency Program

What is the Contingency Program and who does it ?
The contingency program is a back-to-back trancaction between racers and manufacturer.
In the contingency program manufacturers reward teams that use their products when they are in the winners' circle (winner or runner-up). The program also serves to expose the manufacturers' brand names (and products, if applicable). The aim is also to attract new customers to the participating manufacturers by promoting the program actively. Teams are encouraged and advised to choose suppliers among companies included in the contingency program. 

How does it work ?
Manufacturers are encouraged to select two of the FIA / UEM classes or more to work with the contingency program. Information about each individual class can be provided by Speedgroup on request.

What are the Contingency Rewards ?
The winners and runners-up at each event are rewarded by the contingency companies they have signed up for. In general that means $300 to the winner and $100 to the runner-up*.

What must teams comply with?
Teams have to sign up for the contingency program with a class contingency sponsor if using their products and can provide proof of it. *
Teams must expose stickers provided for this purpose on the car/bike according to specific instructions. Stickers must be on from the 1st qualification run to be eligible for payout if winning or being runner-up.

Teams can sign in very easily: Follow the link per class (see below) and fill in the form. You find all requirements in this form and on the Speedgroup webpage (to download).

* The conditions differ and it is the teams' responsibility to find out what is applicable in each case. Speedgroup can provide full information on request.
Payout is only applicable if the winner/runner-up run the manufacturers’ products and decals and can provide the requested proof of it.

The decals are to be provided from the contingency sponsor to Speedgroup who provide them to the racers. The size of the decals are restricted to a maximum of 36 sqre inches for cars and a maximum of 15 square inches for bikes.

Administration of the contingency program is handled by Speedgroup. Administration include providing necessary information and stickers to the teams on request continuously report back results and photos from the races to the contingency sponsor with results and photos from the races check on site that the contingency conditions are met for payout to be applicable handle payouts promote the program long-term to include further companies that are of value to the teams

Additional Information
The contingency payout options are:
Cash (bank transfer or cheque)
Customer Account Refund - to the racer's account with the manufacturer
Gift Certificate - to be traded for products on forth- coming orders. Must be valid for a minimum of 2 years from date of issue.

It is up to the manufacturer to choose what form of payment they wish to use.
If you need any further information please email gittli.koller@speedgroup.eu
Our Contingency Partners 2012
please click in the logo to follow their webpage



Events included in the Speedgroup Contingency Program 2012:

June 2nd - 4th -- Santa Pod Raceway, UK -- Main Event
June 14th - 17th -- Tierp Arena, Sweden Sweden -- Internationals I
July 5th - July 8th -- Alastaro, Finland -- FHRA Nitro Nationals
August 3rd - 5th -- Gardermoen, Norway -- Drag Challenge (EDRS only)
August 10th - 12th -- Hockenheim, Germany -- Nitrolympx
August 23rd - 26th -- Tierp Arena, Sweden -- Internationals II
September 6th - 9th -- Santa Pod Raceway, UK -- European Finals


Classes included in the Speedgroup Contingency Program 2012:
Please click on your class to get directed to the sign-up page for teams

FIA Cars
TF - Top Fuel Dragster
TMD - Top Methanol Dragster
TMFC - Top Methanol Funny Cars
PM - Pro Modified
PS - Pro Stock Car

UEM Bikes
TFB - Top Fuel Bike
STTF - Super Twin Top Fuel Bike
PSB - Pro Stock Bike

EDRS classes
Comp - Comp Eliminator
S/SS - Stock Super Stock
SC - Super Comp
SG - Super Gas
SST - Super Street
ProET - Pro ET
SProET - Super Pro ET
JrD - Junior Dragster
SCB - Super Comp bike (8.50)
SGB - Super Gas bike (9.50)
FB - Funny Bike


Contingency Sponsors and their products

All Sponsors require use of posted product and display of posted product decal
beginning with the first round of qualifying. Please find all requirements on the Speedgroup webpage
here for the Contingency Sponsors FIA/UEM classes

here for the Contingency Sponsors EDRS classes

these lists will be updated when needed

to find more information please follow the link
'Contingency Program' and 'Marketing Opportunities'
on the
Speedgroup webpage


Speedgroup contact persons contingency program questions;

Gittli Koller
Contingency co-cordinator
(German and English speaking)

Text by Åsa Kinnemar & Gittli Koller Speedgroup
Logos presented by permission of the contingency program partners

This article is part of the Speedgroup Club Europe Newsletter #03/2012
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