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Borlange Street Open had a good weekend, except that there were just three classes that could run the finals, due to the rain. This season seems to be very affected by the rain, so far.  Let´s hope for some sunny races during the rest of the summer.
The sixth race in EDRS Central went off at Borlange Street Open at Dala Airport. It started with some light drips but just a couple of hours later the race was on, and there was four qualifying rounds done before the expected rain for the night came.

In Junior Dragster there were a couple of spectacular reactions times in the qualifications. Marcus Back-Andersson was #1 qualified for quite a while but then the rookie Theodor Brandt came at the last round with a fantastic 0,0006 sec reaction time.  He took his license last year and now he´s in the top three in EDRS and also in the Swedish Champion, a talent driver.
But the winner of the class was last year winner of SM (Swedish Championship) Amanda Sjöström-Andersson and last year’s #3 in the EDRS series. And she was very confident and safe as she drew very equally during the qualification runs. Her sister Matilda did well in the Super Comp where she started to drive just recently. She took the license in Sundsvall just a couple of weeks ago and qualified as #3 this weekend. Did no show in semi where she was supposed to meet Mikael Nilsson that was #1 qualified. He got a bye run and should meet Johanna Granholm in the Final but the rain stopped all classes except the EDRS classes Junior Dragraster and ET Pro and the Sportsman class that goes in the national SDRC (Svealands Drag Racing Cup).

In Super Gas Bosse Hall in his little yellow Anglia went to the finals vs Erik Jansson but was on hold by the rain. Bosse was very confident in his runs, as always. Erik had a bye run in the semi. So unfortunately no finals for these two guy either. Bosse strengthened his position in the EDRS table, but are hunted by Håkan Mattsson, who was #1 and Erik Jansson #2 in the qualifying list. Gideon Liljegren and Jan Hallman are not far behind.

In ET Pro the winner was Stefan Fallkvist from Borlange. This guy did his first round in the EDRS for the season. And blow all the others away. The leader in the series, Anders Edin, was out in the second round vs Liv Andersson that in the next round did red light vs Peter Nilsson. The same happened to Ulf Axelsson who was #3 in the table.  Janne Ljungberg who was #2 in the table before BSO was eliminated by Mikael Bälter. Stefan was very happy as there was a little derby vs workmates in the final as well. Both Stefan and Peter have the outcome from SSAB in Borlange. Stefan is well known for his yellow altered that he competed in a few years ago. Now he is driving a black Dodge Challenger 1970.

Finally we have the Super Street and the final was up to Jessica Gustafsson and veteran Tomas Hägg. Jessica took the win in the second round vs cousin Simon Gustafsson, last year NDRS winner, as he red lighted. Jessica did her first race for the season. The head driver this season on this car is actually Jessica’s dad Christer Gustafsson and he is also the leader of the series, so far. But at this event he is busy running the race as well as he was the event director and many other things. So this means that he still is the leader of the EDRS Super Street class, as none of these two drivers that should been competing in the final, had any points before the race in Borlange.

Junior Dragster winner Amanda Sjöström-Andersson (left) and runner-up Agnes Eriksson

 A longway competitor was Michael Maderer from Germany. He went all this way to Borlange to get some point in the EDRS Central. He is competing in the EDRS South normally, but thought it would be a good idea to go outside his division to catch points. That’s just what the whole idea is with the division race in EDRS.

-    There are so few races in the South Division so I took my family up here for some racing in Borlange. I do compete in both ET Pro and Super Street and both classes was represented her. It´s a good event. On Sunday we’re going to Vimmerby to Astrid Lindgren world with the children. So it´s a small holiday.
Unfortunately Michael relighted in first round in ET Pro. In Super Street he deep staged in the semifinal, so he was disqualified. That made him disappointed, but in all he was satisfied with the trip.   The race had to be cancelled at two a clock due to the rain. It seems to be a habit this season.

Mats Eriksson made a show race on Sunday in the old Green Goblin to treat the spectators and it was successful. He also had some nice visitors from Holland as team member of Robert Joosten Jaap Selles came with brother Jan Selles and friend Dennis Verleg  to delivered Danny Bellios chassis that was damaged when Bellio hit the sand trap at the track end at Tierp a couple of weeks ago. LG is going to check it out. Hopefully Danny going to be on track at Hockenheim

Borlänge Street Open was as always a successful event, staff, racers and spectators have always been well treated and like to come back, but as said, this is probably the last race in Borlange for a long while as the airport doesn’t want any other activitys then flight operations at the area.

-Very sad that one of the best organizations of drag racing events in Sweden have to end here, say Christer Gustafsson who was the racing conductors during this weekend.

Amanda_Sjöström_Andersson took the winner cup this event and that made her more than happy as she now is leading the Swedish Championship and is #2 in EDRS after Iiro Laksonen. Agnes Eriksson from Lindesberg took the Runner Up cup at Borlange Steet Open.

In ET Pro no one of the expected leaders was on the podium this weekend. Relapse racer Stefan Fallkvist, Borlange took the winner cup and his workmate Peter Nilsson took the Runner Up cup.

Michael Maderer from Germany did well in Super Street. He came to the semifinal where he deep staged and was disqualified. That made him disappointed of course but  in all he did like the event.

Junior Dragster driver Theodor Brandt had the quickest reaction time this weekend. 0.0006 sec made him qualified  #1! Well done!

Super Street - Tomas Hägg on track. He was about to meet Jessica Gustafsson in the Super Street final when the rain came (Jessica below in the near lane)

.. But she had the taste to beat her cousin Simon Gustafsson in the second round as he pulled a  red

Bosse Hall and Erik Jansson in Super Gas was about to meet in the final but the rain stopped them.

Micke Nilsson Super Comp. Micke Nilsson was about to meet Johanna Granholm in the finals..

JohannaGranholm Super Comp
.. but in Super Comp as in the other thirteen classes, the final was cancelled due to rain.

Text & Photos: Lena Perés
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