EDRS Race Report - Bechyne
Grand Nationals Dragrace Bechyne / Czeck Republik, 29.6.-1.7. 2012
The Funnybikes are the only class to have EDRS status at this event. Great and hot weather was the Baseline for this weekends racing. The track was good and there were plenty of runs throughout the weekend. Free Practice on Friday afternoon (5 hours) was the opener. Four qualifying runs on Saturday and Eliminations on Sunday then.

Funnybike saw a healthy 10 bikes entry with riders from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Czeck Republik. There are Nos and Turbo Bikes as well as a STTG and a STTF Bike. Qualifying saw Denmarks Sven Fagan from Team Paddy on number one spot with 7.94 @ 286 Km/h. Marc van den Boer from Belgium was second on his STTG bike with 8.34 @ 247 Km/h. Third is belgiums Luc Raeymaekers with a 8.54 @ 250 Km/h. Sixta, Joswig, Cizek, Ponca and Ricci are on the places 4-8. Germans Karl Heiz Weikum, known from UEM Pro Stock Bike was 9th. He had troubles with his acceleration cable. He gave his old Pro Stock Bike a new airintake, which causes too big a vakuum, the cable broke on the hit in qualifying all the time. Due to breakage of Davide Ricci and Cizek Weikum an Bartak came into the field on raceday.

Round one: Weikum as Alternate against top qualifyer Fagan. Sven Fagan had a bad start, as the power sat in, he was out of the groove and Weikum long gone with the low ET of the meet in this class with a 7.62 sec. run. Fagan only managed a 9.96 sec. run. So Weikum in the semis. Germans Thomas Joswig has electrical problems all season, he had a byerun because Roman Sixta was unable to attend the first Round with his fuel powered twin. Again a run to forget for the German, but up into the semis. Van den Boer took an easy win on Czeck Ponca. 8.30 sec. beats the far off 9.71 seconds. Luc Raeymaekers had also no problems to beat Bartak, who came in as alternate.

Semifinals: A german match up between Weikum and Joswig. The Frankfurt based Thomas Joswig took the win with a 8.20 sec. run as Weikums 7.70 sec. run was redlighted. Joswig into the final. A belgium match up in the other semifinal. Raeymaekers took the win over Boer with a 8.38 sec. against a 8.97 sec. run.

Final: Raeymaekers took an easy win with a slowing 9 sec. run, as Joswig still has not got rid of the electrical gremlins which again ruined his run. Belgium wins against Germany in this race for EDRS points.

The other races in the south devision are at Drachten / The Netherlands (3 Races)  Hockenheim / Germany (Nitrolympics) and Kunmadaras /Hungary. 









Van den Boer

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Winner Luc Raeymaekers (center) flanked by runner-up Thomas Joswig (left) and Marc van den Boer to the right. Speedgroup congratulate all of you!    

Text & Photos: Markus Münch for Speedgroup
also check Markus German drag racing news site www.der-Beschleuniger.de
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