Annakaisa Manninen -
A Stock/Super Stock girl 
Stock/Super Stock is a bit of a retire class for racers that want to take a step back from the Pro session, or is that a myth?
It might be, as we actually found a young girl in the class who are just satisfied to race here and have no dreams of anything else, so far.

Annakaisa Manninen, 25 years old and her five years older sister Elina from Helsinki is actually sharing a Stock/Super Stock Camaro 1967. Annakajsa started racing when she was sixteen years old in a car that Elina also had been racing since she also was sixteen, a Chevelle station wagon that raced in a 13 sec class. A car that later was sold to Sweden and 2010 Swedish Champ Daniel Nyling. But then it was the high wheeler class that was in the girls mind.

How come that they choose the Stock/Super Stock class?
-    It was year 1998 when our dad bought Chevelle for Elina (she was sixteen at the time). Dad asked if Elina was interested in racing and she was. That’s how all this started. I was eleven then so I had to wait five years before it was my turn. Elina drove Chevelle from 1998 to 2001. Dad from 2001 to 2002 and I started in 2003.
Then I like these cars and the high wheels that are made with them. And there were two women that raced in Stock/Super Stock in the 1990´th that I admire.

The sisters raced two cars from 2001 to 2006. First it was dad and Elina racing together, then me and Elina.

-    Until now we compete one year each in the car, but we thinking of change that to two year each instead, tells Annakaisa. Elina has been top three in Finnish Championship (in 2006 third, in 2009 second, in 2011 third) and we both have won single races but never the whole Finnish Championship.  I was #4 at 2010 it’s hard to follow-up the next season.
Annakaisa is not racing outside Finland so far as it cost a bit of money. And Elina is busy going with her husband Jaska Salakari who compete both Super Twin Bike and Top Fuel bike class.  Annakaisa is so far getting a hang of the Camaro and still learning how it works.

-    I have red lighted too much lately; she smiles, so I have to cool down a bit. But it feels good right now.  I’m doing the Finnish Championship and maybe some small races. Too bad that I lost to Tarmo Mikkola. It was a tough race; I lost with five thousandths, finishes Annakaisa.
Annakaisa was unfortunately out in first round at Sunday’s eliminations at Nitro Nat´s, where she had Tarmo Mikkola, who is a well-known and a hard opponent. Better luck next time Annakaisa, who actually is one of two females in the class. There´s also a Noora Laine that after the Nitro Nationals is # 6 and Annakaisa is #5.  Next race is FHRA Summer Nat´s.

Annakaisa Manninen is one of two girls in the Stock/Super Stock class in Finland right now.
And she likes it very much. She has no thoughts of changing class so far.

Anna-Kaisa is right now no 5 in the Finnish Championship after the Nitro Nat´s weekend. 

Unfortunately she lost in the first round vs Tarmo Mikkola in the eliminations.

Text & Photos: Lena Perés
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