Preview Sweden Internationals Tierp Arena  June 14th-17th

The event is included in the FIA & UEM European Drag Racing Championship. It is round #2 for both the FIA car teams UEM Drag Bike teams. The event is also included in the EDRS European Drag Racing Series for sportsman classes which is administered by Speedgroup.  Last but not least the event is included in the Swedish Drag Racing Championship for a few classes (see further down this page.)

280 teams are currently entered for this event, please check the entry list under a separate headline.


Webradio and Radio: FM94.3
Race & Rock : Interviews and music Wednesday-Saturday evenings and nights led by Henrik Modigh in the new radio studio behind the grandstands!

Results data reporting from the time keeping system via (check under results)

Live web-TV streaming pay per view available Saturday (qualifications) and Sunday (eliminations) - Cost $10 for both days. Include a live edited web-TV show with multicamera views, HD quality and also featuring interviews. Sign-up 1-2 days before or during the event at or at the Speedgroup website 

The service center of Championship administrator Speedgroup  is located in connection with the media center in the start area building (access from the line up  area). 

The Speedgroup Service Center is open during race hours Thursday-Sunday.

We provide the following services on site:
- Information about drag racing and also in event- and championship matters to spectators and media 
- Continuous results data reporting via
- Sign up for the Speedgroup Newsletters
- Contingency Program handling
- Pit Tours Guiding - service mainly to teams sponsors (max 8 in each group) continuous friday-sunday. Can be booked at the service center. First book, first serve..
- Speedgroup Drivers & Riders Club sign-up and membership service for EDRS sportsman teams
- Sales of Championship souvenir t-shirts, Speedgroup caps and Peltor hearing protection. 
- Continuous support to teams and the organizers in event- and championship related matters  


Media contact: Anders Magnusson -

Event Manager: Emelie Carlswärd

EDRS European Drag Racing Series Sportsman classes run at the Sweden Internationals:

- Competition Eliminator
- Super Gas
- Stock Super Stock
- Super Street
- Super Comp
- Junior Dragster
- Super Gas Bike
- Super Comp Bike

Dragracing SM/ The Swedish Drag Racing Championship:

The Sweden Internationals is part of the Dragracing SM for the classes;

- Pro Modified
- Competition Eliminator
- Stock Super Stock
- Junior Dragster

Speedgroup administer the Dragracing SM on behalf of SBF Swedish Auto Sports Federation.


Racepak and MSD Seminars are held at Wednesday June 13th and Thursday June 14th at 19.00 at Guldladan (the Golden Barn) within the Tierp Arena. Check the separate article in this edition!

Two very skilled track crew officials who will be on duty at Sweden Internationals - sisters Suzzi and Nettan Heleander (Nettan right is the chief starter and Suzzi in charge of staff accomodation and often on duty at the start area too) -  Time Tree handle the time keeping system and  report results more or less live via

Championship Classes briefing:

FIA Top Fuel Dragster:
12 teams entered for an 8 car elimination ladder
Competition distance: 1000 foot
Notes: Many capable teams in the class where 50% of the teams have base in Finland. Risto Poutiainen in points lead. Antti Horto to pilot the same car Duncan Micallef ran well with at the recemt Main Event. Popular ski jumping legend Janne Ahonen back in the FIA Championship competition this year operating a car new to the team acquired from the US. Paul Ingar Udtian does his first proper race in the class after completing the license at Main Event first weekend in June. The winner of the event is of course impossible to foresee. If many years of FIA championship service and hard work would be the critera to win events, our finalists would be Anita Mäkelä and Micke Kågered. We just have to wait and see how much that criteria is worth!

FIA Top Methanol Dragster:
8 teams entered for an 8 car elimination ladder
Notes: The class include both nitro injected and blown methanol dragsters.  Skilled and well reputed teams all the way down the entry list in this class, but the one that actually impressed the most at the previous event in the UK was one of the newest in the class, team Bugeja from Malta. The top teams will chase the event win as well as ET:s in the 5.20 sec range! 

FIA Top Methanol Funny Car:
6 teams entered for an 8 car elimination ladder
Notes: Former European champions Leif Andréasson just recently got his new car from the US and is expected to have assistance and support from the US on site. Danny Bellio already proved himself winning the Main Event and Ulf Leanders, reigning European Champion will be hungry for the event win! Performance under 5.70 sec would be fantastic! And we almost forgot.. keep an eye on rookie Jonnie Lindberg in the ex-Erbacher champion funny car. Still on a learning curve and also in charge of tuning the Linberg Bros Pro Mod car.. will be interesting to follow this field!

FIA Pro Modified:
28 teams entered for a 16 car elimination ladder 
Notes:  All drivers that are to be involved in the battle for the European Pro Mod champion title will be on track at this event. A number of teams can perform 5-second runs among them reigning champion Micke Gullqvist, Johan Lindberg, Mats Eriksson (see the separate article about the Green Goblin Crown Vicky). New comers in FIA competition Bert-Ove Olofsson and Mattias Wulcan ran under 6 seconds at Tierp Arena just in May and may well repeat it.. and watch out for super consistent Bruno Bader who is in championship points lead! Our guess is the combination of being quick and consistent run after run will be the winning recipe!

FIA Pro Stock:
12 teams entered for an 8 car elimination ladder
Notes: Two non-Swedes on the entry list - Harry Sturhan Germany and Sampsa Palos Finland. Thomas Lindström in points lead before Michael Callin entering this event. We trust Jimmy Ålund and Michael Malmgren wish (and will) have a say at Tierp too. But last year it was Sampsa Palos Finland who walked away with the event win.. the Pro Stock competition will be a thriller for sure!

UEM Drag Bike Championship

UEM Top Fuel Bike:
5 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder (may be a progressive ladder run)
Notes: On paper it is hard to believe anyone could do anything to  prevent Peter Svensson from walking away with the event win at Tierp. However Top Fuel Bike Racing is tricky and getting the power right run after run will be crucial. Ian King will give Svensson a good match. Most consistent of them all however funny bike rider Rikard Gustafsson who can well earn a place in the final! Performance level will be spread in this class, but allow only bikes with proven performance under 6.99 sec. Svensson however good for runs under 6 seconds! All in all we are sure all contenders will provide a great show.. and may the best man win!

UEM Super Twin Bike:
22 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder
Notes: Canadian rider Nate Gagnon in points lead  will face European champion Per Bengtsson (who won the event in 2011). Long list of contenders capable at running consistent and quick enough run after run. Job Heezen, Samu Kemppainen, Christian Jäger, Jan Sturla Hegré and Trond Jostein Höiberget (who won the Nordic Challenge event at Tierp in May) are some riders to watch out for.  Performance by Gagnon or Bengtsson under under 6.50 sec. would be fantastic!

UEM Pro Stock Bike:
9 teams entered for an 8 bike elimination ladder

Notes: European champion Ulf Ögge from Sweden did not do himself justice at the Main Event and will be out to improve. And in the US some months back he ran quicker than the valid European record.. Kalle Lyrén one of the most consistent and in points lead. Fredrik Fredlund reportedly assisted by the successful Pro Stock Bike Stoffer family from the US. "Fredde" was close to snatching the European ET record from Dave Beck and already hold the speed record.. Bishop can win rounds as can Kenneth Vik. Laseur withdrew his entry due to  to engine damage  and will be taken off the entry list.. Will we see a 6 second run in pro Stock Bike at Tierp? Chances are we might..

Don´t miss to check the point standings and entry list for more information and follow the event as we proceed through any of the different option of event coverage (see under separate headline in this article)!


Text: Åsa Kinnemar for Speedgroup

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