Talking with the organizers
We asked UEM Drag Bike Championship promoter and Trakbak CEO Keith Bartlett to share some reflections on the upcoming event at Kunmadaras April 28th-May 1st.
This very special event where Trakbak and Santa Pod Raceway key staff fly in from the UK to prepare and run the spectacular and crowd pleasing show in the country of Hungary and with Kunmadaras a few hours drive outside the capital of Budapest. They work alongside the local S Riders Club personnel lead by József Hadnagy, who has been organizing and promoting dragracing in Hungary for many years. 

Keith Bartlett:

" This is the 3rd year the UEM Drag Bike Championship is run at Kunmadaras and the 2nd time it includes demonstration runs from selected FIA Car teams.

Bartlett tells that over the winter there has been negotiations with the Hungarian government and that there is an interest to bring in the FIA Car categories in addition to UEM Bikes for coming years. But that he can not see that happening before the facilities are up to the standard both championships require. "With that said, continues Bartlett, the new government in Hungary have been very receptive and within 12-18 months we expect to find common goals that serve well for the Hungarian government and their mark objectives along with what we know the FIA & UEM Championship can deliver".
Darren Prentice prepares the track in Kunmadaras as well as Santa Pod Raceway.

"We are not yet at the standard of the F-1 championship where governments take such a high profile in championship events. However I feel that over the last 12 months my personal negotiations with the government in Hungary and Italy have contributed to a higher level of knowledge and interest for coming years. The potential for the championships marketing opportunities in the European Community is good.

I feel both the FIA & UEM Championship need to move up to the next level. The teams have already achieved this over the last few years and now the track owners and organizers must aim to lift the level of their facilities to meet the new demands of the FIA & UEM Championship. The Hungary event have some way to go to reach that standard, buth with the right support and enthusiasm of all those involved in dragracing in Hungary we are heading in the right direction."  

The Kunmadaras Motorsport website with entry lists, program and more is located at is the source of direct information from the races. Timing results, interviews and photos presented, means anyone not on site can stay tuned in a good way. Check the daily reports from Kunmadaras while the race is on at 



Text by Ĺsa Kinnemar based on an interview with Keith Bartlett
Photos: David Warren and Speedgroup

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