FIA Gala in Monaco

Enjoy some photos from the prestigious 2010 FIA Prizegiving gala in Monaco held on december the 10th 2010. We asked our champions and families to bring their cameras and share some of their private photos and we are happy to say they kept their promise. An extra thank you to Joan Larsen, Methanol funny car champions team Larsen, for co-ordinating this request! 

Proud champions:
Dan Larsen - Johan Lindberg - Michael Malmgren - Timo Habermann - Urs Erbacher 

the FIA Champions posing in front of Urs Erbacher's Top Fueler. F1 cars will pass this spot at speed in May when the Monaco Grand Prix is on. But on this occasion it was a faster car that took this place. 

Five happy dragracers expecting to be presented with their trophies

A moment later they got them in their hands..  

All the FIA winners and some other prominent guests together

Can you spot the Drag Racing champions in the crowd? 

Just in front of Timo Habermann you can spot: Christian Horner, Red Bull Racacing, F1 constructor champ - Bernie Ecclestone, in charge of F1 - Sebastien Loeb, WRC Rally champ - Jean Todt, FIA President - Sebastian Vettel, F1 champ....
Serious name dropping! 

Text: Anders Magnusson
Photos: Champions & families
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