Race Report NDRS Nationals II
Tierp Arena  SWEDEN July 29-30th

(Please note an SDL race report in swedish is online at www.speedgroup.eu NDRS/SDL section)

Every since the middleage (or something like that) this last weekend in July has been spent in Mantorp Park for the swedish dragracingfans. This year, due to unsolved problems, it wasn´t. But thanks to Tierp Arena with the help from NDRS Motor Club, at least the NDRS sportsmanclasses along with the Pro Modified class was saved for this year. This “small” event ended up with about 230 teams, test´n´tune for FIA/UEM-classes included, for this friday-saturday race.

BILSPORT Pro Modified:  Apart from being a NDRS-event, this was also the final round for the Swedish Championship in PM. Already in the qualifications, we would see 5 sec runs from both Johan Lindberg (5,922) and Michael Gullqvist ( 5,948), more than a tenth to closest competitor. Of course , we have to mention Martin Lundqvist for his 6,225 with turbo-boosted engine. With two cars outside the 16-car ladder, the eliminations started with some remembering words for the pro mod mechanic KP (Krister Pettersson) who sadly died in an accident a week ago, and the first round was dedicated to him. Later there was also a silent minute held for the victims in the norwegian massacre.

Back to race, which turned up to be the fastest promod elimination ever runned in Europe. In the final, Johan with two more 5,9´s and Micke with three 5,9´s, would meet for a direct final for the Swedish Championship. With both cars perfect launching, all knew that this would be the fastest side-by-side Pro Mod race in Europe ever. Gullqvist with 5,927/391,9 km/h beating Lindberg´s 5,942 /392.4 km/h. Also Niclas Andersson is now very close to the 5´s with 6.02 and 6.03 runs.  Micke Gullqvist in lead of the series before Johan Lindberg and Mats Eriksson before the next round in Hockenheim.

Super Street: This race was the final for the class this year, since it´s the last of the swedish NDRS-events. Tony Åberg was no 1 qualifier of 15 with a 10.907. But of course, the main interest was on the points in the series.  After qualification it was clear, that the only one to threaten Simon Gustafsson for the win, was his cousin Jennifer Gustafsson. But she had to win the event to reach necessary points. However, she lost first round and Simon won both the event and the NDRS-series.  Runner up in this event was Daniel Aggelid. Halvor Överby became second in the series and Jennifer third.

Competition: This was also the final for the Swedish Championship. Twenty-five cars was driving in this all-in ladder with Mathias Stenström as first in the qualifications with 0.8956 under index, just before Kenneth Feldthusen with 0,8601 under. After several redlights and no-shows in the elimination Stenström redlighted against Mika Eloranta in the final, who increased his points as a leader in the NDRS-series. Per Erik Lindgren became the Swedish Champion 2011 in Comp. Eliminator. Eloranta in a safe lead unless Mathias Stenström will participate in one of the two remaining events abroad (or both).

Per Erik Lindgren Swedish Champion 2011 in Comp. Eliminator

Stock/Super Stock:  S/SS was the third class, having their Swedish Championship-final on Tierp Arena this weekend. In this stunning 30-car field Uffe Edwardsson took first position through a 0,7837 s under index, but did a break-out in the semifinals against runner –up Hannu Palasmaa who lost the final to Örjan Hällström. Per Fagerstöm won the Swedish Championship 1 (one) point before Uffe Edwardsson. Just the finals in Finland remains and it´s only a 33 points difference (less than two eliminationrounds) in the top 4 containing Tarmo Mikkola,Håkan Nordström, Hannu Palasmaa and Per Fagerström. This will be a thriller!!!

Super Comp: A nice 26 car elimination led by Mikael Nilsson with a 8,903 in the qualification. He lost the semifinal to Tommy Törnqvist who was destinated to meet increadable Bosse Ragnebro in  the final. Bosse won a the tree, despite a 8,91 for Tommy against Bosses 8,93. With just two races remaining Bosse must go to Finland to achieve the mandatory race abroad. We safe the last details until after the Hockenheim –event.

Super Gas: Once again, Mats Karlsson No 1 qualifier ( 9.905) in his Roadster. He made it all the way, beating Bosse Hall in the final (vice versa last week in Borlänge in the SDL-event).  Still Håkan “Strawhatt” Mattsson in a comfortable lead but things can still change depending what happens in Germany…

Jr Dragster: Once  again a big field with competitors from Sweden,Finland, Norway and Switzerland. And once again Hampus Staflund at the first spot before the elimination. This time doing it in the very last qualification run (0,0058). In the 29 car-ladder finally  Joe Kellet defeated this year rookie Kevin Yrjövaara in the final. Joe in the lead now before the finals in Finland. Biggest threat from Amanda Sjöström-Andersson if they will go there.

Super Twin Top Gas Bike: Six bikes with Anna Lena Asplund as No 1 qualifier with a 7,8765. But she  was beaten by  Stefan André in the final despite a lower E.T. Anna Lena still  no 1 in the serie before the next round in Hockenheim.

Super Gas Bike: Nineteen contenders in this class this weekend. Charly Forsberg in top with a 9,503 on the 9,50 index. He broke out in the third round in this 19 bike-ladder to another of the new generation, Emil Östlund. Emil lost the final to the series pointleader Tomas Jonsson. Tomas in the lead, but still top 7 can be this years winner, depending on laddersize on Alastaro.

Speedgroup´s staff on site in Tierp (Janne Sjöberg, Carl-Erik Kihlman, Aila Striem, Åsa Kinnemar, Lena Perés, Patrik Jacobsson and Anders Magnusson) thanks all teams and the organizer for an exciting and well performed event and once again congratulate all winners, swedish champions, record breakers and finalists!


The final between Gullqvist (right lane) and Lindberg in Pro Mod was the quickest in Europe

BILSPORT Pro Modified - 
Resultat Eliminering

winner: Michael Gullqvist / runner-up: Johan Lindberg

Pro Modified Swedish Champion: Michael Gullqvist

Competition - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Mika Eloranta / runner-up: Tage Avander

Competition Swedish Champion: Per-Erik Lindgren

Stock Superstock - Resultat Eliminering

winner: Örjan Hällström / runner-up: Hannu Palasmaa

Stock Superstock Swedish Champion: Per Fagerström

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Super Street -
Resultat Eliminering

winner: Simon Gustafsson / runner-up: Daniel Aggelid
Winner NDRS Super Street Series: Simon Gustafsson

Super Gas - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Mats Karlsson / runner-up: Bosse Hall

Super Comp - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Bo Ragnebro / runner-up: Tommy Thörnqvist

Junior Dragster - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Joe Kellett / runner-up: Kevin Yrjövaara

Super Twin Top Gas Bike - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Stefan André runner-up: Anna-Lena Asplund

Super Gas Bike - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Tomas Jonsson / runner-up: Emil Östlund

Super Comp Bike - Resultat Eliminering
winner: Alexander Jonsson / runner-up: Leffe Larsson

Report: Carl-Erik Kihlman for Speedgroup
Photos: Lena Perés, Patrik Jacobsson & Åsa Kinnemar for Speedgroup
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