Talking with the organizer - NitrolympX
The 26th NitrolympX is looking forward to the return of the European UEM Drag Bike Championship after a 7 year pause.
The Nitrothunder show runs that we have had over the past 7 years was ok but just not the same as the chance to have the Cream-a-la-Cream of Drag Bikes from all over Europe.

I promised several of our Bikers starting in 2009 that I would do my best to get the UEM back to our track and I am very happy that I have kept my promise.

The 26th NitrolympX includes rider Nate Gagnon coming all the way from Canada to dual it out with the finest Top Fuel Bikes in Europe.

This years NitrolympX is again filled with one of the best FIA European Championship field of cars and once again in 2011 as was in 2010, we have a NHRA Driver racing in Hockenheim. Top Fuel Dragster driver Tommy Johnson Jr from the USA test his NHRA earned skills against the best in Europe in Danish team Andersen Racing top fuel dragster.

This year we are bringing in one of Europe,s best in track prepping expert Kjell Pettersson to aid and assist us in making again as in 2010 several 1/4 mile times in the 4,s.

We learned a lesson in 2010 at our 25th Anniversary event and have reduced our total field of participants at over 300 back down to 250 and have chosen Quality in place of quantity and we hope in doing so we will, despite the many curfews we have to live with, we be able to complete a full event.

Our hopes are to top last years total weekend spectator count of over 40,000 and we have again this year planed a Super Night Show featuring Top Fuel Dragsters, Top Fuel and Super Twin Bikes and several new Jet Dragsters as well as other show features.

Now if the weather will finally give Drag Racing in Europe a break this year, we hope to greet over 250 Drag Race hungry teams and complete our 26th NitrolympX.

Your Race Director

Jerry "BigDaddy" Lackey
Tomi Haapanen and crew waiting to launch Anita Mäkelä and her Top Fuel Dragster down the HockenheimRing quartermile. Anita will also be one of the drivers in the night show   

Text: Jerry "BigDaddy" Lackey
Photo: Remco Scheelings
photos of Jerry Lackey used as a courtesey of NitrolympX

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