Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge 2011

Pro Mod is the FIA class which have the largest number of entries per event. The task of qualifying for the eliminations is the first big step at each event. We hope the Pro Mod Challenge (where drivers gain points when qualified) will include some extra excitement for the Pro Mod drivers and teams as well as for the spectators”.  

While points are earned during five events, the actual 2011 Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge Shoot-out will take place at the 2011 European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway.

The winner of the Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge will be awarded with € 2000.00 and in addition € 500,00 goes to the runner up.

Championship events to earn points at
27th - 30th May Santa Pod Raceway, UK
9-12th of June Tierp Arena, Sweden
30th June - 3rd July Alastaro, Finland
12th - 14 th August Hockenheim, Germany
Shoot-out 8th - 11th Finals, Santa Pod, UK

The point system and points standings are also announced at the Speedgroup web site www.speedgroup.eu PM challenge page

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Gullqvist´s Camaro leads the Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge

The Shoot-out Challenge at the European Finals in september is open for the top 8 drivers as determinded by the total qualifying points earned at previous FIA European Championship rounds by the top 16 qualifiers (see points system below). First alternate at the Shoot-out will be No.9 and so on. If there is a tie, the driver/team with the best qualifying ET seen at a race that counts to the Challenge will stay in front. 

If eliminations can not be completed at this event for any reason, the driver with the best ET after the last elimination round (last qualification round) will be the winner/runner up. If qualification rounds can not be held at the Finals for any reason, the winner/runner up will be the driver with the best points standing.

To be eligible to earn points and price money it is mandatory to display two Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge stickers on the car (one on each side of the car, well visible). Decals will be available from Speedgroup´s service center located in the pit area during all FIA Championship events

Points are awarded as follows:
Qualifier Points

No.1 175
No.2 165
No.3 155
No.4 145
No.5 140
No.6 135
No.7 130
No.8 125
No.9 120
No.10 115
No.11 110
No.12 105
No.13 100
No.14 95
No.15 90
No.16 85

  Point standings after FHRA Nitro Nationals:

1.     Michael Gullqvist   505 points

2.     Adam Flamholc        450 points

3.     Mats Eriksson           430 points

4.     Bruno Bader             425 points

5.     Marc Meihuizen        400 points

6.    Johan Lindberg          390 points

7.    Per Svedberg            365 points

8.    Andy Robinson          350 points

9.    Urban Johansson       340 points

10.  Mikael Lindahl           265 points

11.  Jan Gunnarrsson       250 points

12. Kristian Nyström         210 points

13. Tami Brander             125 points

13. David Vegter               125 points

14. Robert Joosten           120 points

14. Marco Maurischat       120 points

15. Fredrik Fagerström     115 points

15. Wayne Nicholson        115 points

16. Roger Moore              110 points

17. Graham Ellis               95 points

18. Andy Wright               90 points

18. Roger Johansson        90 points

19. Marcus Hilt                85 points

19. Norbert Kuno             85 points

19. Linda Thun Tonseth    85 points   

Gullqvist (left) still in the lead of the Exhaust Coating.de Pro Mod Challenge after event three, while Lindberg Bros. with driver Johan right is currently 6th with two events remaining

Text: Marco Maurischat Exhaust Coating.de & Åsa Kinnnemar for Speedgroup
Photo:  Patrik Jacobsson and Speedgroup 
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