Mid season update FIA Car teams
With three out of five championship events run we invited the FIA championship teams to share their thoughts about how they have done so far and what they expect for the forthcoming event.


We are ready for Hockenheim. We prepare all parts and work on the car 3 times per week to make any failures not happen. We are in the same situation like last year. We go to Hockenheim in the no 2 position in the Championship, but almost 3 rounds behind. But we know to handle that because last year we change everything in Hockenheim and won the Championship. A lot o presure on me and my team because we have over 200 quests in our pit on our hometrack.


This was suposed to be our learning season in Pro Stock, cause we bought a new car from Allen Johnson and our goal was to take it down the track at maybe a low 7 or high 6s run. But things happend, and with Markus Svensson, Clutchservice help, we have been driving really fast and became number one qualifier in the 2 last two races, Tierp and Alastaro.

After Tierp we got Stefan Ernryd at Ernryd cars as main sponsor, so with his help we will be able to go even faster. The goal now is to defend our 3rd place in the European championship, and of course to go for the European record in Pro Stock.

Have you done any major changes to the car since the last race?

No, we are doing our best to get the driver consistent, and the crewchief work hard to get the things right outide the car. We have only taken the car down the track 20 times, and major changes is not an option until we can get consistent times that we can work with.

If the weather is with us in Hockenheim, we will make that Hemi go really fast down the track. Look out for that Mopar/Ernryd Dodge Stratus.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

Yes, our Main Sponsor Ernryd Cars, Snap on, Royal purple, R/T Bil&Maskin AB and Clutchservice.

Timo Habermann


Our season have started well on the Main Event as Timo was Top Qualifier and Dennis on 6th spot during qualifying. Then the rain set in and the weekend was over.

We travelled to the brand new racetrack at Tierp which was awesome - great track - great area. In qualifying Timo damaged an Intake valve but could still managed a 5,37 which was only good for number 4 and Dennis ran a 5,46 and went on number 5 which means that Dennis vs. Timo in the first Round of elimination.

That was again one of the fastest and nicest side by side run ever from the Brothers where Timo took the win with a 5,411 against Dennis 5,420. The worst thing on that is, that Dennis could have win with that numbers against everybody else in Round 1. In the second Round Timo lost the first time against Dave Wilson since many years by only a half car lenght. Timos 5,410 was not enought to beat Wilsons 5,343.

FIA Round 3 in Finland was an disaster for our Team. We had only 2 qualifying runs because the FIA rounds have started way too late on Friday and Saturday. Anyway the biggest part of the problem was that the right lane was way worse than the left lane wich was ok. Drag Racing is allways a 50 : 50 chance to everybody but in Finland you could say before your run that it was a 80 : 20 percent chance to win on the left lane. The result of it was that nearly everybody on the right lane lost during Eliminations. Timo with an loosing 5,53 and Dennis with a 5,55.

We have done some small changes to the cars and found some more horses for the next race.

Hockenheim is our Homerace and the team will try to give the best performance in front of our family, friends, sponsors and fans. We hope to be back with our success from the last years.

A big Thank You to our Sponsors who really support us: UNI-FIT Katalysatoren, Höfler Fenster, Böhm Solartechnik, Fuchs Oils, Exide Batteries, My Shirt Shop.


We had changed the engine this season. So we had bad luck in England when be broke the driveshaft und other things. In Tierp we got the car running and run a new P.B. I think we are on the right way to go fast at Hockenheim. That is our homerace and we try to go forward. Lucas Oil and our other sponsors are staying behind us.


How have your season been so far in brief and what are the most important factors contributing to your success (or lack of success) up to this point?

It has been going real bad actually. The updated engine has not been working well at all and we had had problems with the other engine as well, no major damages but enough to under perform.

Have you done any major changes to the car since the last race?


What can we expect to see from your team at Hockenheim?

That we are among the 8 teams that make it into the elimination ladder.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

Yes, a big thank You to Sjölunds Transport AB och BJ Lots AB.


How have your season been so far in brief and what are the most important factors contributing to your success (or lack of success) up to this point?

We struggled a bit with the new engine combination we bought last off season and so far we didn´t run the numbers we had hoped for. Our old combination was a bit more "basic" and more easy to tune, so we still have to learn how to go down the track with this new combination. With only a few races a year and not really good test options here in Germany it´s difficult to find the right set up. Unfortunately we kicked some rods at Tierp and for this we didn´t made it in time for Finland to get some more data to work with. More or less all pieces are back together now, so we hope to make a step forward at the Hockenheim event. Beside the many new parts for the broken engine, we made some changes to the valve train and ignition.

What can we expect to see from your team at Hockenheim?

Running better numbers than what we did this year as well as get qualified for our "home race". This will become more and more a big challenge in Pro Mod.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

After a 2 race deal with "Autoteile Guenstig", an online car parts dealer, we will be back to our Exhaust coating logo for the last 2 races this year. As ever my buddy Darren West from Power Race Graphics designed the new paint scheme.


The season so far has been very good to us. We are sharing the the lead of the championship with Ulf Leanders and we have set a new PB both in terms of ET and speed (5,75 / 404km/hr). Last year was our first with the new Sunoco Mustang and this year we have unleashed the potential that we knew were in the car.

No major changes are done to the car since the last race but we will do some testing at Sunoco Drag Challenge at Gardermoen the weekend before the Hockenheim race.

We would like build on the momentum we now have. At Tierp we became runner up after a no show in the final due to mechanical problems. In Alastaro we became runner up after loosing to Ulf Leanders hence the only thing the Westside Racing / Sunoco team is lacking is a win. We have that in sight for Hockenheim.

We have few but good quality sponsors; Sunoco (Keddell&Bommen AS), Phoenix US Cars AS, IKT Axcess and Holmestrand Lakkering AS. A big Thank You to them all. 


The 2010 season we have ended as runner up at the Final Race in England. So our goal was to keep on that path. Well, we could not improve on that because the weather situation at the Main Event in England did not let us show our potential. And our budget situation did not let us participarte at the following Championship rounds Races in Tierp nor in Alastaro.

Since the Rain interrupted event in England (we had probably too much time), we have started to changed, nearly at any part of the car something, to get it to the specifications how they run there equipment today in the USA.

For Hockenheim we hope that all these investments will pay back. And as soon as we have get these improvements dialed in that we have a better controllable, better responding and faster car.

Sponsors that support team Krivan include
DJsafety.eu – Your safety is our Business
Midland - Swiss quality Motor Oil
3D-Tech.ch – Your source for Quality prototypes


I would say this has been my worst season in TF since I started in the class in 1995, still got 2 races to try and make it better though! I feel for my crew chief Ben Allum who has worked so hard and is still giving 100% to make this happen. There are alot of factors that have contributed to this terrible season so far but I think it's not best to go in to them on the internet! The important thing is to learn from this year, make some big changes and come out all guns blazin in 2012!

We have made some changes to the fuel system hoses and management since the last race. The Lucas Oil Dragster has also had a normal full car service.

At Hockenheim you can expect to see us come out going for the win as we always do.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

Of course! Lucas Oil, NGK, Teng Tools, 3t creative, Pioneer Print, Hol-Taj, Ogden Motorsport, Rainbow Conference Sets, Zip, GPR, K&N, CAAR, Ultimate Air Brush, VEIDEC, RCS Cables, Yuasa, DFDS, Alamo, BMRS Hoses, Autotel Race Radios and I would also like to say thanks to Santa Pod Raceway, Les Downey and Tom Bogner, thanks everyone sorry it hasn't been a great season so far.


How have your season been so far in brief and what are the most important factors contributing to your success (or lack of success) up to this point?

Answer: My opinion is that we have made fairly well so far. The level of competition is higher this season, but we still qualify in the field. We are in need of more horsepowers, our engine program is quite old now (2007). So what we are working with is the chassis tuning and gearing/clutch setup to try to get the most out of it. We have invested a lot this season in parts and time around these things.

Have you done any major changes to the car since the last race?

It s a never ending process when you race in ProStock. You have to look at the small parts and try to change them in a controlled manner. You never just change anything that’s not tested in small manners before.

You are more talking about directions in the tuning.

And that involves the whole car from chassis/shocks to gearbox and engine.

My plan is to run as good as we did last year in Hockenheim. But the field is strong and it’s not for granted any more to qualify. The track is good and I think that we are going to see really good numbers from the frontrunners. We have tested in Tierp last weekend (and that included the Grand Am of Conrad Stanly also), to find tune ups that would work fine at the track in Hockenheim.

We have to try harder and take everything out of what we got.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

I want to send a big “hug” to all the people that’s around,  supporting  me and my racing, and give me the opportunity to live my dream in the racing world. You all know who you are.


How have your season been so far in brief and what are the most important factors contributing to your success (or lack of success) up to this point?

Well SP rained out, so next stop was Tierp and we where very pleased to be the fastest car up to last q-session where the Mopar guys knocked us down to nr 2 spot with 2 thousands or something, then we lost second round against Jimmy Ålund in a tight race, that did hurt us, we should have been more alert on the track changes and not over power the track as we did against Jimmy. The race was over already after 60ft as reaction times was the same, but he had much better 60ft.
Alastaro was a real fall back, have never qualified that bad, only nr 6 in a record fast field, in a record bad air, ain´t that something ???  Track was real good something Alasatro never have been famous for, good job FHRA ! We never could get the car to come up on the tires and lost a lot at the start, you could say we had opposite problems as we had in Tierp. We raced Nixon first round and we felt if we made a good run and a good light we could take him, but either fell in place and we lost a very close race. I can only blame myself for the loss as I was to anxious to win and shortshifted badly in every gear and that hurt on ET and there is where we lost the run.

With above problems and lack of the good numbers we felt we needed to take a trip to Tierp and test , so did rest of top 8 in Pro stock, and we made good runs all weekend and was second fastest after Mr Ålund, so we feel we still are in the game. The chase for the Title is gone, it´s as simple as that, but we are going to fight hard for nr 2 spot to the very end

Have you done any major changes to the car since the last race?

yes , cant say what, but we got new Carbs from Braswell that we tested at Tierp last weekend and they show a lot off potential so we are leaving them on and we keep on working on the tune up every run with hope for good numbers on the score board

What can we expect to see from your team at Hockenheim?

Hard competition, but a good qualifying performance and a good fight on Sunday with hope for a final round appearence everthing else is a failure

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?
Lahega Kemi,Oakley, Diamond Pistons,Trend performance; Victory Valves, PAC springs, Bob Ingles raceengines, VP fuel, Ionbond Coatings


How have your season been so far in brief and what are the most important factors contributing to your success (or lack of success) up to this point?

Answer: We have qualified well this year, the dropped cylinder on the hit and first round exit at Sweden may cost us dear in the Championship, Finland was a semi final exit after an amazing thrash by the crew to even get us there.

We have had to repair the harmonic balancer, starter dog, front plate etc. etc. after Finland, which unfortunately meant we had to miss our planned demonstration runs at Drachten.

Hockenheim has never been very kind to us in the past, but may be this year will be better, we have some data this year to work from, so hopefully we will continue to qualify well and go a few rounds, Hanson and Wilson will be very hard to catch now, but as always the Go Gold Crew will be doing all we can to catch them….. Thank You to Gold RV and MPM Oil for supporting us!


We have had no success so far this season, but technically going forwards. The A-Fuel engine is by far the most difficult thing to make going fast. The main reason for poor performance is, that the car and engines are built for 100% fuel. It is Super difficult to turn to working with lower fuel percentages. Those needed changes are also very expensive for today´s economy.

We have updated everything on fuel injection and ignition to more modern digital things for this season, the engine has all the updates we have been able to get into the budget. For Hockenheim and Santa Pod European Finals we come with updated clutches. Tierp and Alastaro races went down the drain because of the wrong clutch setup. That thing will change now.

At Hockenheim we can expect anything in between the usual being bumped out and a world´s quickest run.

Any sponsors supporting your team that you wish to mention?

Yes www.motoring-europe.com That´s my job, passion and future project.

Two car methanol dragster team Habermann - photo provided by the team

Pro Mod racers Marco Maurischat´s new paint scheme -
sketch published on permission by the team

Thomas Lindström Pro Stock does his first season in the class and has adapted well
photo: Stefan Boman

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